With multiple types of taps available in the market, selecting the right one for your bathroom can be difficult a difficult task. You have to find taps that are not just stylish but also functional and sturdy. So if style and versatility are important to you but you also don’t want to keep changing taps very often, then a Mixer tap is an ideal choice for you. This popular design combines cold and hot water supplies before distributing them through a single pout. As a result, the Mega mixer taps eliminate the need for separate hot and cold water taps.

The best part is that it allows you to easily and quickly get the water to your desired temperature, saving both time and water. For many households, the Mega mixer taps have become the go-to option due to their perfect blend of style and functionality.  


Why should you consider a Mega Mixer for your home?

1. Modern Style

Mega mixers have a more sleek and contemporary appearance. Traditional rotating cross-head handles add elegance to ornate spaces while levers match the sleek lines of a modern bathroom. To control the flow, they can be turned one way or the other or lifted up or down as per your convenience.


2. More control and versatility

You have two separate water flows to manage with two separate faucets; hot and cold. Using two separate taps to reach the ideal temperature is difficult unless you’re filling the bathtub or basin. But can you recall the last time you filled your basin with hot and cold water? Mega mixers, on the other hand, are multifunctional devices that combine hot and cold water supplies to flow out of a single spout at the ideal temperature while regulating the amount of water that flows out of the spout.


3. Greater Convenience

During the summer, we wash our hands and face with cold water, but it’s not our go-to choice in winter, isn’t it? It can be time-consuming and dangerous to scald yourself if you have two separate taps on a basin for running hot and then adding cold water to get the right temperature. It is potentially hazardous to children. Finding the ideal temperature with a mixer, on the other hand, is much easier and more convenient. With our Mega mixer tap, you can get a single stream of water at the exact temperature you want.


4. Cost-effective

Mega mixers are designed to save water by preventing excessive consumption of hot and cold water supplies at the same time. As a result, when mixing hot and cold water into a single flow, you’re more likely to use less hot water and less cold water, which is good for both your energy bills and water conservation.


 We at Albiro are one of the largest building material suppliers in Dubai. We offer a wide range of Mega bathroom accessories including elegant and modern mixer tap models. Our collection of Mega bathroom accessories includes:


Efes Mix

With the rich brass finishing, Effes represents their ultra-luxury brand. This luxury fitting collection is a true icon of a remarkable, exquisite design with a mesmerizingly eternal style. It is a minimalist choice for your new spaces due to the ceramic cartridge and convenient sprout length. 

The Efes mix is made in Turkey. The body construction, which is made of solid brass, ensures durability and dependability for the life of the mixer. Because of the long spout it has a large water coverage area.

The polished finish is embedded deep within the surface of the faucets, resulting in a silver color with an incredibly reflective shine.

These are made of special brass and with high-temperature resistance, anti-erosion, anti-abrasion, and high strength. They are reflective for a mirror-like appearance and will last a lifetime.


Efes mix swan

The Efes mix swan series is based on the principle that simplicity is the best sophistication. The Efes mix swan is a compact and simple-to-install tap, styled in a geometric design, which can be described as a getaway into the world of charm. The Efes mix swan mixers have a brass body and brass pipe with a 40mm ceramic cartridge

The large water coverage area is due to the 190mm arched spout. The solid brass plating ensures flawless casting and a good ceramic cartridge that allows you to conveniently open or close the spray head’s water flow. 



Truva mix is the pure beauty of style, harmony and elegance all combined with the sole purpose of taking one’s breath away. It combines ultimate simplicity with increased functionality.

Truva mixer tap is compact and easy to wall mount and install. Its cartridge is made of smooth technology and sturdy Ceramic to withstand multiple open and close tests. Truva’s advanced ceramic engineering provides convenience as well as control precision.



The long 130mm spout is simple to use in a single direction. It takes very little effort to start a regular flow of water. With its single handle and simple, streamlined design, the faucet allows you to easily adjust water volume and temperature.

Mega’s Asos basin mixer with a stylish handle and spout elegant design complements the interior design of your spaces. It adds a touch of elegance to your decor. These are highly reflective for a mirror-like appearance and last a long time.


Mega has dedicated itself to the design, manufacture, and sale of various types of mixers. Mega has become the industry’s pronoun for high-quality, dependable products. So, go ahead and buy one that complements your spaces. That’s why Albirco has established its own sales network with a perfect marketing model in the form of stores and outlets in major cities throughout the Middle Eastern countries to deliver you the best Mega bathroom products. 

We have won the trust of countless families and loved ones with its perfect after-sale service, well-trained staff, and excellent product quality, and has become one of the first domestic multiple project suppliers. So give us a call or click here to book an inquiry today!