LED lighting has become a popular option as a lighting solution in recent years, thanks to its environmentally and pocket-friendly feature of 75% less energy consumption when compared to halogen light bulbs. Another notable feature is that the functional life-cycle of an LED light is 5-10 times longer than that of halogen light (yes, you read that correctly!). Furthermore, LED lighting has been shown to have some health benefits too!

If facts like these have already persuaded you to switch to LED lighting in your home or business, you’ve made one of the best choices you’ve made in recent years.

When it comes to getting it done, however, many green power enthusiasts (like you, perhaps) rush through it and make a number of fatal mistakes. That’s why we at Albirco are here to help you make the right choice while purchasing LED bulbs.

Let’s have a look at some common mistakes that you should avoid when switching to or buying new LED bulbs:

  1. Improper manufacturer research 

As traditional lamps are increasingly being replaced by LEDs, a huge market for those LED blubs has emerged. As a result, many businesses are turning to LED light manufacturing to meet the increased demand.

However, not all of them are able to manufacture and supply high-quality LED lamps at a reasonable price, as well as provide maintenance services like Gloware, a trusted and well-established lighting manufacturer in Dubai. Unfortunately, you might just place the order instead of asking around about the LED lighting company of your choice and reviewing their online presence. This could result in a significant financial loss for you if the company does not provide high-quality lighting.

Our Gloware LED spotlight
  1. Not purchasing the right type of LED lights

This is the most prevalent mistake people make when it comes to switching to LED lighting. Different lights serve different purposes in various rooms of your home or office. Some are for ambiance, while others are for task-intensive cooking food, studying, or building a machine.

It is important to note this because LED lights emit both focused and omnidirectional light. A spotlight LED would be the wrong choice if you want your hallway to be completely lit, as it would leave a significant portion in the dark.

Our Gloware LED surface light
  1. Ignoring the power supply’s wattage rating 

The 230 V 50 Hz mains supply is not suitable for all LEDs. Their wattage and intended use determine their power rating. If this information is not communicated to the supplier, you may receive LEDs with an incorrect rating. That would result in insufficient light or, in the worst-case scenario, rapid damage to the lights as well as your circuit board. 

Our Gloware LED ceiling light
  1. Not checking the LED’s CRI (Color Rendering Index)  

A LED bulb has a 0-100 CRI value range.  The higher its value, the more accurate your perception of colors in your environment will be. It’s worth noting that the cost of LED lights rises as the CRI rises. If you’re buying LEDs for a museum, a hotel lobby, or your lounge room, a low CRI may detract from the aesthetics. Often people try to save money by choosing LEDs with a lower CRI, even if it isn’t the best option for their business.

Our Gloware LED down light
  1. Poor price comparison

As previously stated, many companies are entering the LED lighting industry to fill the demand gap. To gain customers and out-compete competitors, they would lower prices in the short term. 

When switching to energy-saving LED lights, most people overlook this fact. LEDs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, so a lower-cost LED bulb from a well-established company like Gloware would undoubtedly help you save money.

Our Gloware LED panel light

The benefits of switching to LEDs can’t be overstated. They not only save you money, but they also have a positive environmental impact. So, if you’ve decided to do so, you’re not only being smart but also a responsible community and country citizen. 

We at Albirco are a leading supplier of Gloware LED lights in Dubai. Gloware’s LED lights offers a wide range of benefits to the environment as well as the user. Albirco has been a building materials supplier in Dubai for 31 years and our team of experts guides you throughout your journey to choosing the right LED lights for your home. So what are you waiting for? connect with us to know more about the various LED lights Gloware has to offer.