You’ve probably heard of LED lights, but LED panel lights are something not a lot of people know about & sounds like something unique doesn’t it? It is, without a doubt! Because of its incredible power savings, LED technology has grown increasingly popular, although LED panel lights that use a slightly different technology & are relatively new to the market. Despite this, they’re gaining popularity because of their sleek appearance, creative features, and design. This contemporary lighting fixture is intended to take the place of traditional fluorescent ceiling lights. It has become one of the best modern lighting options for indoor settings in commercial spaces due to its modern design, which provides better illumination, flexibility in design, efficient light quality, use of quality material, long life span, high durability, various color options & the list goes on & on.

Being one of the leading LED Panel light suppliers in UAE, we know how effective they’re for warehouses. Panel lights are commonly used in commercial buildings and workshops as bay lighting solutions. Unlike individual light bulbs, panel lights contain many lights that are evenly spaced apart to achieve an even distribution of light across the entire panel. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are currently used in modern panel lights, which have a number of advantages for all types of commercial buildings that require bright lighting and office lighting. They’re a great alternative to fluorescent lights, and they’ll help boost your employees’ morale and productivity.


Why is it so vital to have appropriate lighting in commercial spaces?

If your company’s workspaces still use fluorescent lighting, it’s time to upgrade to better lighting. Any office worker doesn’t like the feeling of working in a low-light environment as it negatively impacts their attitude & productivity. According to a study, 68 percent of employees are unhappy with their office lighting.

This is most likely due to insufficient fluorescent lighting, which is known to flicker and emit an annoying humming sound. Eye strain, headaches and a general sense of languor can all be caused by poor illumination lowering the employee’s morale.

Gloware is one of the top LED light manufacturers in UAE and their Panel lights provide a solution to these issues along with a number of other benefits. Here are 5 reasons why Gloware’s LED panels are such a good investment for your workspace:


1. Brighter & Efficient Lighting

LEDs distribute light in a balanced, flicker-free manner, reducing the physical and emotional impacts of extended exposure to fluorescent lights. LEDs emit a steady glow that spreads out across a large area when used in panel light fixtures.  Gloware’s LED panel lights also offer a high CRI value, which is a measurement of how true colours seem under different indoor lighting conditions. As a result, items illuminated by Gloware’s LED panels do not appear washed out or dull. All of this improves employee morale at work, helping them concentrate and be more productive.


2. Energy efficiency that is unparalleled 

Switching to LED panels could save your money in lighting expenditures each year.  Gloware’s LED panel lights are prized for their energy efficiency, which can save up to 90% compared to commercial incandescent and halogen lighting. In the case of fluorescent lighting, a 15-watt LED T8 tube light emits the same amount of light as a 32-watt fluorescent counterpart. Because Gloware’s LED lights use less electricity than typical options, it helps you save money by reducing its overall energy usage.

3. Highly Durable and Reliable

LED panel lights have a surprisingly long life span of over 25,000 hours, in addition to their energy efficiency and exceptional lighting quality. On the other hand, if a halogen bulb lasts more than 3,000 hours you should consider yourself quite lucky. Fluorescent tubes do survive longer, ranging from 7,000 to 15,000 hours which is still quite less compared to our LED panels.


4. Creates a Contemporary Image

Gloware’s LED panels come in a variety of color tones that allow businesses to promote and display their work in a modern manner. Warm white or cool blue LED panels can be used to create the picture and mood that a company wants to project within its walls.

5. Reduced Heat Output

Because electricity is passed through a semiconductor, Gloware’s LED panels do not get hot or emit a lot of heat as a by-product of producing light. Because power is not wasted in making heat, LED panels help your office or commercial premises stay cooler (especially during summer).


Well after evading all these benefits, the bottom line is that Gloware LED panels are an excellent addition to any company’s workspace. They are the greatest business lighting solution on the market right now, because of their mix of lighting quality, energy efficiency, and advanced features. All Modern workspaces are slowly shifting to LED panels & you don’t want to be left behind. Albirco is a top lighting and building material suppliers in UAE that provides you with the best Gloware LED Panels to rejuvenate your workspace. So what are you waiting for? So book an enquiry today to enter the world of modern LED lighting.