You must have heard of the most common way insects survive the weather: migration. Insects migrate to warmer regions to survive the much harsher winter of Europe, shortage of food, and warmth. When these insects migrate to warmer regions, they start bothering the people in those regions. While we are enjoying the cozy evenings with our friends and family the insects bother us, to avoid such scenarios, insect killers come in handy. To eliminate insects, outdoors and indoors, install the right Moel Insect Killer Supplier in UAE. One of the essential components of insect control is to install an insect killer trap that removes insects from our environment quickly. The quicker we eliminate them, the lower the risk of insect-borne diseases.

Keep reading for our tips for selecting the best insect killer for your needs and budget:

-Energy efficiency

Insect killers are left on for many hours a day on any night. This makes energy usage a significant proportion of the overall cost of inset killers. Shortlist insect killers that monitor the surrounding environment and offer different settings for night and day to bring down energy utilization and decrease running expenses and environmental footprint.

Insect killers with low-energy LED lights have a three-year life span (compared with fluorescent tubes that last for a year) and utilise less energy to run than a standard insect killer. The life span and low-energy utilization decrease replacement expenses and running expenses; while additionally decreasing carbon emissions.


Moel CRI CRI Insect Killer 307E 2x20W

-Area in use

Consider the size and state of the room where you need to put an insect killer and any items in the room that will obstruct the UV light. A restaurant kitchen or dining area will require a small model than an enormous warehouse or brightly lit store.

Check the manufacturer’s rating for the area covered and how it is verified. Has an authorized lab verified the coverage of the unit?  When choosing the number of units you need, make sure that all parts of the space to be protected have adequate light from an ILT unit – not just the total area – and that there are no hidden corners or spaces blocked by shelving or partitions.

Installation is the most important step when it comes to the effectiveness of the insect killer. Insect killers should always be placed at entry points and the right height and not exactly above the food-preparation zones.


An insect light trap doesn’t have to be the typical white metal box with a metal grid in the middle that stands out like a sore thumb to customers you want to impress with your hygiene and service. Where aesthetics matter like in restaurants and hotels, you should choose an unobstructed and stylish model that blends in with its surroundings and stand out to attract insects and trap them. Consider, also, an insect light trap to match your different environments, with the flexibility to switch between monitor and control modes according to your needs. Modern insect killers complement the background and hide the glue board to keep the trapped insects out of view.


A wide insect trap is considered more effective at catching insects than ones that are circular or tall and narrow. This is because of the shape and orientation of the lamps in the unit and the light emission. When lamps are orientated horizontally, wide, discrete bands of light are emitted that flies are attracted towards. It’s thought this is because it mimics natural shapes of light, such as a horizon.

Moel CRI-CRI Insect Killer 301


Two parts of an insect killer need to be replaced: the glue board and the lamp. The design of the trap gives determines if it can be accessed and opened to replace the parts, therefore choose a design that is simple for the ease of service. Fluorescent lamps need replacing yearly. This is due to the rapid degradation of the lamp when the amount of light produced diminishes with time and can compromise insect control.

-Eco friendly

Insect killer traps these days are manufactured with great consideration for the environment. They are designed in such a manner that they cost the least to the environment and are pollution-free.

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