Since their inception, LED strips have grown in popularity and become a very convenient yet practical decoration tool. They lighten up and make your place feel more alive whether outdoors or indoors. The ease of installation and the flexibility of the lights are the main reason for this. LED strip lights adapt very well to the most diverse surfaces which has contributed significantly to justify the popularity of this type of luminary.

LED strip lights can be installed in locations where normal LED bulbs can’t. From modernizing your staircase to elevating your bathroom, the possibilities are endless with LED strip lights. To prove this, we at Albirco have made a list of some creative tips you can use to take full advantage of this product’s potential and brighten up your home in the most unique manner. 

Here are 7 areas to install strip lights and transform your space without digging a hole in your pockets.


1. Illuminate dark corners

There are probably a few dim spots in your home that could benefit from some Gloware LED strip lights. These dark spaces can be found under your kitchen cabinets, in your hallway, or even in your closet. These areas can be easily illuminated with a simple Gloware LED strip.

These LED strips are available in three comforting colors. You can cut your strips to smaller sizes to fit your space’s darkest corners and make them look truly custom-made.

2. Kitchen under-cabinets 

If you frequently wake up in the middle of the night, LED strips can serve as nightlights that guide the way. Your kitchen is an excellent example of a location that could benefit from this fixture. With under-cabinet storage, you’ll never stub your toe again as you tiptoe to the fridge for a late-night snack. Instead, you’ll have a dimly lit kitchen perfect for late-night snacking and keeping your kids safe from the pointy edges of kitchen cabinets.


3. Mirrors and Picture frames

We all wish to have those vanity mirrors surrounded by light bulbs that movie stars use, don’t we? Well, you can do this at your home as well. By covering the border of your mirrors with strip lights, you can achieve a more subtle effect while retaining all of the reflected surfaces.

This also works well for picture frames! So if you’re looking for a quick way to make your family portraits stand out, simply surround an existing frame with Gloware LED strip lights.


4. Stair panels and walls

Few things can alter your perception of your home more than a well-lit staircase. Gloware LED strip lights installed under stair panels or alongside the wall can create a functional yet modern look on your staircase. 

A cool white LED strip will do the trick for a classic look. If you want your stairs to look like an angelic pathway into your heavenly home, daylight and warm white strips can help. Gloware daylight strip lighting is always dependable for illuminating dark staircases. This not only makes the staircase safer but you also have complete control over how you want to accent your stairs and reimagine your home.


5. Your home office table

Home offices aren’t always enjoyable, but you can make them more so. Enhance your workspace with artwork, a comfortable chair, and LED strips. For a mood-setting glow, place your strips under any cabinet or beneath your desk. You can install an energy-efficient task lighting strip just above your desk or around its edges. This improves the illumination provided by your overhead light fixtures.

Another advantage of Gloware LED strips for the home office is that you won’t have to worry about a desk lamp taking up extra desktop space. Of course, your work surface isn’t the only location for your LED strips. For a fun lighting twist, try putting them on your work calendar or behind a bookshelf as it’s a great conversation starter.


6. Inside your Wardrobe

There are few things worse than waking up in the morning and turning on a bright white light (talk about a headache!!). With Gloware LED strips you can save yourself the trouble of finding your clothes and getting ready every morning.

With just a strip cut to a size that fits in your drawers, you can easily find your clothes. This way, you won’t have to blind yourself as soon as you wake up or struggle in the dark to find your morning necessities.


7. Ceiling corners

Gloware LED strips may appear to be primarily used for accent lighting, but they also work well as ambient lighting. They’re especially useful for avoiding the harshness of standard ceiling bulbs or for displaying a statement piece above. You can wrap your strips around the corners of your ceiling to create a soothing glow that will illuminate the night.


LED strip light ideas range from obvious to creative, but they all have one thing in common: they are inexpensive, easy to install, and fun to use! Albirco is one of the leading building material suppliers in Dubai that provides you with the best collection of Gloware LED strip lights. From just an ordinary space into a colorful, immersive environment our strip lights completely transform your home if used right. So book an inquiry today and follow the tips above to reimagine your home into a completely new place.