Lighting for the office and workplace is a crucial concern. You might not believe this but lighting can increase and decrease an organization’s output. As a result, careful planning is required while selecting the perfect lights. When it comes to lighting the office and workspaces, LED Panel Lights are the first choice. LED lights are popular these days due to their low cost, increased visibility, environmental friendliness, and long lifespan. However, some people are perplexed when it comes to deciding whether to utilize warm or cold lighting in the workplace. So, first, let’s distinguish between warm and cold lights and then we’ll decide on the best lighting for the situation.  

Without a doubt, we can all agree that improved illumination allows humans to function more effectively. Light has an impact that extends far beyond just illuminating a place; it influences how we work, our mood, and, most crucially, our productivity. With increased access to health and ergonomics studies, it is clear knowledge that workers require attractive, open, and well-lit workstations to enhance awareness, focus, creativity & most importantly their productivity. Proper lighting has the ability to increase productivity, but poor lighting is related to negative consequences such as eye strain, headaches, lethargy, and tension, resulting in a drop in performance. 

The basic difference between warm and cold light is as follows:  

 The colour temperature is the primary explanation for the difference between the two types of light. Warm light emits a yellowish colour that seems natural, whereas Cool light, on the other hand, seems unnatural and has a blue colour. The Kelvin scale is used to differentiate between these two. The hue of light is assigned by using numerical numbers on this scale. The warm light has a temperature range of 2700-3000K, while the cold light has a temperature range of above 4000K. Warm light has a traditional feel to it, making it appropriate for use in storage areas but the Cool lights have a clean look and are suitable for the modern office. 

 This distinction between warm and cool luminaries is adequate to understand the usage of colour temperatures in modern workstation lighting. 

However, sometimes it may feel difficult to make the right choice, so here are the proper colour temperatures for various regions of the office: 


Work area 

We require enough lighting on our jobs, just as we do at home to conduct all of our tasks efficiently. All operations, whether computer-based or detailed, require adequate illumination. Thus, you must use Cool white lighting as it’s more suitable for modern workplace lighting. 


Meeting area  

A conference room or huddle is used for corporate meets or gatherings. When conducting crucial talks and explanations, it is critical to maintaining a secure and calm environment to make sure everyone in the room is comfortable. As a result, moderate white light is enough for these places due to their simplistic & modern feel. 


The reception area 

 The reception is a place where employees may relax during a break & after a long day at work. In such cases, warm to neutral white lighting is suitable because it is calming to the eyes & relaxing to the body. As a result, LED downlights are the most popular lights for the reception area. 


The lobby  

 Every company has visitors that come from all walks of life, whether they own an automobile garage or work for a software company. The lobby should not only draw visitors’ attention and tempt them to enter the business, but it should also make them feel welcome & at ease while inside. Therefore, Cool white lighting is appropriate for areas such as the lobby or the entrance. 

Employees and visitors should feel safe, calm, and able to do their assigned jobs effortlessly in well-lit and pleasant business settings. We know the importance of lighting that’s why we provide a wide selection of luminaries to meet a variety of workplace lighting requirements. Our LED lights are among the most cutting-edge solutions for LED lighting. It may be set to output uniform white or warm light, and you can always select between the two!  

At Albirco we deliver unique, versatile, and easy to maintain products giving you lighting solutions that improve your employees’ well-being and efficiency.