You’ve got bugs? Is your place a magnet for pests? Knowing the many sorts of pest control procedures is critical for restoring the health of your spaces. What exactly are we talking about when we say “methods”?

Pests, whether human, plant, or animal, constitute a major threat to all living things. Pests of many types, such as mosquitoes, termites, flies, and fungi, are destructive to us, our food supply, and our environment. You may be unaware that you are sharing meals with these pesky living critters. It’s disgusting!


But hold on! Before developing pest-control techniques, you need to first understand the sort of pest you’re dealing with, as well as its lifestyle. This will help you to utilize the proper procedure and effortlessly get rid of them.

Picking up house pests and permanently removing them is now possible thanks to technological advancements.

If you’re thinking about buying an insect light trap, it’s usually because you have an existing bug or fly problem or you want to protect your surroundings from flies and flying insects. Flies and other flying insects carry a number of fly-borne illnesses, which is why it is critical to eradicate flies as soon as possible before the harm is done. Whether your enterprise is in the food sector or not, maintaining an insect-free workplace requires installing insect light traps.


We bring to you some super functional, environmentally friendly and safe insect killers from Moel. Check out these insect killers for your spaces to be pest-free. 


Cri Cri Insect killer

How do they work? 

The gadget attracts insects with an inbuilt UV light and kills them by electric shock using an electrically charged high-voltage grid. When the insects come into contact with the grid, they die instantly from an electric shock. As a result, you may get rid of the bothersome bugs extremely successfully without using chemical chemicals and without posing a new risk to humans or other animals. The grid voltage can range from several thousand volts to several million volts. As a consequence, the complete procedure takes only a few seconds. The insects die instantly and do not suffer. 


Are these safe to use? 

The gadgets’ equipment is meant to be injury-free. As a result, people who come into proximity with the gadget cannot damage themselves. The gadget can be hung or put in order to be installed. Furthermore, the gadget may be powered by only one plug.

The CriCri insect traps are simple to set up. To operate the gadgets, all that is required is an electrical outlet. There are no further accessories, poisons, or baits necessary for operation. The gadgets are ready to use as soon as they are delivered. Because of the gadgets’ great performance, numerous insects may be optimally attracted indoors. Because of the grid’s great tension, the flying insects are instantly annihilated. A drip tray is used to gather all dead insects. The dead insects may be readily disposed of thanks to the convenient drip tray, which can be quickly removed from the device. As a result, the gadget design is likewise straightforward and easy to use. In this regard, time-consuming cleaning is unnecessary.


Mo stick 

Mo stick insect killer is the solution for all your insect problems  

MoStick models are handy, effective, and nearly undetectable insect traps for everyday usage for bug problems on restaurant terraces and in grocery stores. In comparison to comparable offerings, these models dazzle with a variety of pragmatic features. Unlike versions with electric shock and frequently irritating accompanying noises, MoStick’s electric traps provide a very easy alternative without an audio source of distraction. Furthermore, these insect collecting devices may be seamlessly integrated into an existing spatial structure without being instantly identified as such technical gadgets. 


The MoStick bug trap has a number of advantages.

These electric bug traps from MoStick have certain practical advantages for both regular usage in the workplace and special applications during key occasions. Aside from an overall pleasant opinion of the location, the following factors provide consumers with significant advantages:

Insect trap that is sanitary

Efficacy with the use of appealing UV light

No chemical usage.

Efficient fly killing with little effort

Energy usage is minimal.

Noiseless and odorless

A long-distance (effective attraction)

Insect control with a hygienic alternative

Harmonious incorporation into the ambiance of any room

An environmentally friendly trap is simple to assemble by hanging


Now that you are aware of all the benefits of and usage of insect killers, check our website to know the specifications of insect killers from Mo-el. Albirco has been a supplier of Mo-el for 31 years. Our specialists will guide you to make the perfect purchase depending on your usability, space and budget. Get in touch with Albirco today to keep your environment safe from insects and pests.