An appropriately sized, a well-designed ceiling fan can make your home more comfortable at higher temperatures in the summer and further improve circulation year-round. However, when you walk into the ceiling fan section of a store, the sheer number of options available can confuse you; in any case, understanding what you should be looking for in a fixture makes narrowing down your options infinitely easier. Before you decide on a ceiling fan, measure the length and width of the room to determine its area and measure the ceiling height.

Here are some crucial parameters that you can keep in check before purchasing your ceiling fan:


The main consideration when buying a ceiling fan is size; too small and the fixture makes little difference and looks awkward in a room, while one that is too large wastes energy and overpowers the space. Ceiling fans are measured based on the total diameter, from the edge of one blade to the edge of the other. The height of your ceiling also matters; for the most efficiency, install your fan such that its blades are 8 feet from the floor. A flush-mounted fan serves rooms with shorter ceilings, while an extension arm keeps fans at the proper height in high-ceiling rooms.

Built Quality

As with anything in your home, quality is significant in ceiling fans and quality costs more. A best-in-class ceiling fan motor has sealed and lubricated ball bearings, implying that you will not have to maintain the fan or add oil to it, increasing its usability and durability. Search for motors that are heavy and have metal enclosures to restrict the amount of noise coming from the fan. The packaging will indicate “silence” or “noise reduction.” Try not to purchase a fan that has sharp edges; a quality ceiling fan is made with a particular set of blades coordinated to a particular motor.

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When you want a fan that will be left on continuously, purchase one that has a temperature adjusting feature that speeds up and slows down according to your temperature requirement. Not all ceiling fans have a light kit, so if you require an overhead light, choose a fan that has a lighting option. If your room is spacious, you might need a fan that is remotely controlled to turn on the lights or adjust the speed.


Other than chandeliers, ceiling fans are an obvious fixture in any home, and therefore, what it looks like should matter. To pick a style of ceiling fan, check out the room it will be installed in. Conventional spaces including warm wood tones and classic furniture styles look best with classic ceiling fans. In a modern space, simple ceiling fans with staple colours look best. When you want to show off your quirky style, wood-finished ceilings are your best bet. The wood finish ceiling fans give a modern and quirky touch to your room.

Electric motor

The motors in ceiling fans range between 1/60 and 1/3 hp. A more powerful electric fan motor helps meet the needs put on the fan by the resistance of the blades. In other words, the greater the span and pitch, the more powerful a motor is needed. Heavy-duty motors are more resistant to overheating, as well. A motor with bearings that do not require oiling is among the items that indicate quality in a fan. The rubber flywheel helps keep the torque under control, stabilizing the fan while directing the noise up into the ceiling.

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Reef Ceiling Fan


Brass, bronze, and nickel are ceiling fan materials that complement most decors. Brass complements the modern-day décor, radiating warm tones are great with neutral colours. With dark wood furniture, you can select a bronze fan, while nickel complements more contemporary décor. Besides these common colours you can have a fan in almost any colour that you like.


The best quality ceiling fans are electrostatically applied powder coatings. Look for a multiple-coat lacquered finish on brass-plated fans. Check for printed warranties for finishes. Some brands cover the entire fan and others just the motor. Most brands include five years to lifetime coverage.

So Here you go! Now you have all the information required before you buy Ceiling Fans for your home.

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