You put a lot of money, time and effort into your business, yet high temperatures may quickly deplete your revenues. Setting up an industrial cooling fan is one approach to add value to your organisation and so boost your bottom line.

If you operate a warehouse or garage, your employees may be in danger of heat exhaustion or heat stroke just by doing their duties throughout the summer. Employers have been given instructions outlining the health and safety risks of extremely hot workplaces.

What is a mist fan??

Misting fans are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor applications that necessitate the cooling of big expenses and crowds. A misting fan, like an air cooler, will require a water source. It draws water from the supply and discharges it through tiny vents in the fan. The spinning of the blade disperses the water droplets into a thin mist. The mist evaporates and lowers the temperature of the air.

Because the mist created by the fans evaporates in a few seconds, water droplets may be felt a few inches distant from the product. The particles, however, are so minute that they will not cause water damage.

Industrial Mist fans from Reef can benefit your business in many ways.

For the outdoors

Patio seating at restaurants is one of the most typical applications for cooling fans. These fans basically enable these enterprises to extend their cosy eating areas to the outside even during the summer months, increasing the number of visitors they can accommodate and, as a result, increasing their income. Golf courses, tennis courts, arenas, resorts, hotels, and theme parks are some of the other outdoor commercial applications for cooling fans.

For the indoors

While cooling fans are useful for keeping a room cool in the summer, they are also useful for keeping a room cold in the winter. For example, greenhouse operators utilise these fans as humidifiers to chill general spaces while also watering thirsty plants. Grocery shop clerks may also utilise these fans to keep their produce fresher and hence more appealing to customers.

These fans are also beneficial to industrial employees who work in hot areas since they help to produce cooler and hence safer working situations. When outside temperatures approach 100 degrees or higher, supermarkets can even deploy cooling fans to keep their entryways cool.

What to consider before buying the right mist fans?

When selecting outdoor stand fans, there are several factors to consider. First, how big is the area you want to cover? Is it just a modest backyard deck where your family eats? Do you frequently entertain? How big is your group on average? High-pressure misting systems are often utilised in commercial and industrial settings, although smaller ones may be used to cool a typical backyard patio.

Albirco is a one-stop-shop for all your cooling requirements. Whether you want one, ten, fifteen, or more misting fans for your application, we have a type and size that will meet your requirements. We are here to answer any queries you may have at any time. Simply get a quotation or contact us if you need assistance placing an order when you’re ready to move forward with your purchase.