No restaurant owner wants his business, employees, or customers to have to deal with or see pests. Having pest problems in a restaurant is a recipe for disaster; word spreads quickly, and even a small insect can have serious consequences on the health of customers. Filth flies are one type of pest that can cause customers to lose their appetite if they constantly have to swat them away from their heads or food. Filth flies, as the name suggests, are filthy and disease-ridden, and have no place in a restaurant or any other business as well.  

Flies are naturally drawn to the conditions found in restaurants: moist sink and drain areas, abundant food sources, and a humid, warm environment. Flies reproduce quickly, and once in a restaurant, their population can explode, resulting in a massive infestation. The main issue with flies, aside from reputation damage, is the illnesses they can spread. Most flies and mosquitoes have been feeding on the decomposed organic matter before entering a restaurant, animal excrement, trash, sewage waste, and dead animals. 


Insects can be difficult to keep out of any restaurant or food industry because they can enter through the smallest of cracks in exterior walls, doors left open for just a second too long, or even produce and food deliveries. The best way to keep flies at bay in your restaurant is to maintain excellent sanitation practices. Ensure that garbage is removed from your restaurant regularly, kitchen counters are wiped down and sanitized daily,  dirty dishes are quickly washed, and sinks and drains are cleaned, sanitized, and in proper working order. To reduce breeding and feeding sites, food should be stored in refrigerators or airtight containers. Along with this, there is one other thing that most restaurant owners forget to implement, which is using a safe insect killer. However, you need to be extremely careful while selecting an insect killer as some of them have extremely awful smells and are not safe to use near food. That’s why we at Albirco offer you Moel UV insect killers that are safe to use and keep any pests and flies at bay from your restaurant. 

Even though flies and insects are tiny creatures, finding them close to you is the last thing you want. Especially when eating out or shopping for groceries. Flies also give a negative impression of the shop, restaurant, or other commercial space where they are found. Even if you serve to serve the best food or have great deals, people may not want to return. That is the kind of effect a place with flies and insects can have on customers. So if you’re a restaurant owner or in the food industry, it is extremely crucial for you to avoid insects and pests at all costs. It is best to get rid of them as soon as possible before you lose customers and Moel insect killers help you do so.


Why choose Moel UV insect killers?

Moel is one of the most effective insect killer traps on the market today. These traps can be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling for maximum safety while customers move around the shop or restaurant. You can put them anywhere you want, whether inside the shop, restaurant, banquet hall, or outside on a rooftop, entrance, or anywhere else. More flies and insects are trapped and killed by the UV light or insect killer light used in these. They are effective at removing all types of flies, including house flies, insects, and mosquitoes. 

Moel traps are non-toxic, odorless, contain no fumes, emit no sound, have no side effects, and are safe for humans and pets. These glass fiber traps have an excellent finish and are suitable for commercial. Another important feature of Moel insect killer is that the fragmented body parts of the insects are not released into the surrounding environment making it safe for use in any type of business and especially in restaurants.  Here are some Moel insect killers that Albirco has to offer that are suitable for your restaurant:

Moel Mo Plicl Insect Killer


CRI CRI insect killer 

The CRI CRI insect killers effectively and efficiently eliminate mosquitoes and other bothersome flying insects from your restaurant. Suitable for those who should first fight flies and mosquitoes regularly. Continuous use of CRI CRI is effective for insect control. The CRI CRI line is distinguished by its high material quality and oxidation resistance. The grid cleaning system ensures its long-term effectiveness. The parts are made of ABS that has been enriched with glass fiber and pigments to ensure resistance to sunlight exposure and high temperature. Its metal parts ensure durability and oxidation resistance. 

Our CRI CRI Insect killer


Mo Stick insect killer

MO-STICK traps allow for the monitoring of trapped insects making them perfect to use in food industries and other similar environments. It is extremely simple to clean and replace the adhesive papers. The simple design makes this insect trap a decorative, silent, and discrete object that conceals the insects. The bug trap can be hung from the ceiling, mounted on a wall, or simply stood in place. The UV-A lamps that are mounted on the lamp holder come with a shatterproof sheath to protect the tube: if the glass breaks, it is not scattered. UV  rays are completely blocked by the sheath.  

Our Mo Stick Insect killer


All of these amazing benefits must’ve surely made you consider buying a Moel Insect killer for your business and you’re in the right place to do so. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, safe, and effective insect killer trap for your store, cafe, or even other space, Albirco is your go-to choice. We are leading building material suppliers in UAE and offer the best variety of Moel insect killers. So click here to book an inquiry and make your restaurant a happy & pleasant place to visit by keeping it insect-free and hygienic.