You’ve probably heard that sunshine provides us with energy, but did you know that light bulbs work in the same way? Blue light bulbs release serotonin, which helps us stay focused, awake, and aware. Bulbs that do not transmit blue light waves help our brain to manufacture melatonin, which relaxes, drowses and prepares us for a restful night’s sleep.

Warm whites are produced by lower temperature bulbs, comparable to those produced by a fire, whereas neutral whites are produced by medium temperature bulbs, and cool whites are produced by higher temperature lights, which mimic daylight.

A widespread misconception is that a light bulb’s brightness is measured in Watts. Watts are used to assessing energy use, whereas Lumens are used to measure brightness.

Each room in your house is unique. And to live up to the uniqueness, we bring to you our range of LED lights that will brighten up any space in your home.

Check out the lights that you should include in your home:

LED lighting for bedroom 

Bedrooms should necessarily have LED lighting. Most of us seek a relaxing, tranquil, and serene atmosphere in our beds. By avoiding blue light waves in the bedroom, your circadian rhythm will be less likely to confuse the light in your room with the natural light outside. This permits your brain to manufacture melatonin, which is necessary for a restful night’s sleep. Are you a late-night reader? Soft blue or neutral tones are better for reading specific fixtures, as the cool-white colour creates a high contrast with the page. If you have a bedside reading lamp or plan to buy one, soft blue or neutral tones are better for reading specific fixtures, as the cool-white colour creates a high contrast with the page.

LED lighting for Home office

When it comes to lighting a home office, make sure that the lights maximise our ability to work efficiently in the space available. Increasing serotonin production in the office with cool-white lights that simulate sunshine will keep you focused, alert, and energised. Make sure you’re in a location that won’t cause glare on your computer screen. You might also choose LED desk lamps, which provide excellent task lighting and allow you to change the colour temperature on the fly.

LED lamps for Living room

The living room is a popular place to seat guests, entertain, or just kick back and relax. Whether you’re watching a movie or conversing with friends, having a variety of light sources in the living room allows you to adjust to whatever the situation is. Avoid bright, blue-light generating bulbs, which produce serotonin and give us energy, just as you would in the bedroom. Spotlight lamps with adjustable angles can be pointed at the walls to showcase artwork, family portraits, or simply to prevent glare on the television. Spotlight lamps mounted on walls or ceilings can also be used to minimise undesirable shadows.

LED lights for the Dining room

When we’re eating a great meal with family or visitors, lights should not be too bright or obstructive nor too dim that might make us fall asleep. A dimmable overhead fixture allows for the appropriate brightness at any time of day, whether it’s for an afternoon brunch or a late dinner. For the dining area, it is recommended to use neutral tones that provide the ideal mood. Also, for chandelier fixtures that are typically used in a dining area, consider LED chandelier bulbs. LED chandelier bulbs now offer great colour and light output.

LED lights for Kitchen

The kitchen is in essence a workspace. Because many of us begin our day in the kitchen, the blue-light generating lights above the counters will aid in keeping us aware and awake while preparing breakfast. Dimmable overhead lighting with a warmer colour temperature can create a wonderful mood to balance out the brighter blue lights over the kitchen countertops if you have a table.

LED lights for Bathroom

Most of us get ready in the bathroom mirror before going to school or work. The lighting should ideally emanate from around the mirror rather than from the ceiling. We won’t miss a place shaving or mess up our makeup if we use bright lights. Because many of us begin our days with a shower, installing a high-output surface mount retrofit fixture in the shower fixture is an excellent way to begin waking up before facing the challenges of the day. To illuminate common fixtures above and surrounding the mirror, use larger globe-style bulbs.

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