We all have multiple questions in our minds while planning to build a kitchen. From the color of the tiles to the types of water connections, we have a lot of technical and aesthetic questions. The type of water connection you have needs to be identified before searching for a new kitchen mixer tap. This helps you identify the kind of mixer tap you would require. 

A high-pressure mixer tap is the most popular kind and is commonly seen across multiple homes. However, not all residences or apartments have central heating. You will require a unique low-pressure mixer tap in that situation. After resolving the pressure of your mixer taps and other technicalities, it’s then time for personal design choices, and you can begin considering the type of mixer tap you want for your kitchen.

Kitchen mixer taps are a popular choice because they are installed through a single hole and allow both the hot and cold feeds to enter the spout while maintaining temperature. Thanks to their design it’s simple to run water at the desired temperature, which creates a functional yet modern and minimalistic appearance. We at Albirco are leading sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai offering a variety of options that can be used with both low and high water pressures. 


Our designs deliver a complementary accent in your kitchen, allowing you to pick from a variety of colors and finishes, such as on-trend metallic and classic polished effects. From traditional curved spouts for a traditional look to more angled options for a geometric edge on contemporary layouts we provide it all. To provide a complementary accent in your kitchen, pick from a variety of colors and finishes, such as on-trend metallic and classic and polished effects. 

However, purchasing the right kitchen sink mixer can be a task. That’s why we’re here to help you select the right washroom and kitchen acessories for your home. When choosing kitchen sink taps, it is critical to consider proportion. As a result, if you have a large sink, you should choose a tall tap, and if you have a small sink, you should choose a smaller tap. To avoid the most common faucet problems, such as unnecessary noise and splashing when you run the tap, the spout should be placed very close to the drain hole. Here’s everything you need to check:


Size of the spout

One of the factors to consider before purchasing a kitchen sink mixer tap is the height and size of the spout in relation to the sink bowl. This can have a big impact on how easy it is to get to and use your tap. It can be very easy to access if the spout reaches the center of your bowl. You can also choose a high tap spout to make it easier to wash larger pans and bowls.


Check the water type

Water hardness varies by location and can have a significant impact on food preparation. A kitchen sink mixer tap with a built-in filter can help reduce limescale build-up, watermarks, and the clouding of glassware in hard water areas. It can also improve the taste of water, making it easier to drink. 



Measure tap handles

Don’t forget about the tap handles when choosing kitchen sink mixers. One of the features of kitchen taps to be aware of is the type of handles. There are numerous styles to choose from, such as cross-shaped, twist, and lever. Consider how you and others use your kitchen when choosing a handle for your sink mixer. For example, lever handles are ideal for enthusiastic cooks because they can easily push the lever with the back of their hands and turn on the faucet to wash their hands while preparing a dish.


Water pressure at your apartment

The tap you choose must be compatible with the water pressure as well; otherwise, your tap may appear perfect but will not have a proper flow of water. If you select the incorrect tap, you may need to replace it in the future. If your home has a high-pressure system, there are numerous tap products to choose from. However, if you have a low-pressure system, make sure you choose a tap that matches.


Select Your Metal

You should also choose the metal of your kitchen tap carefully because these are the factors that influence the price of a kitchen tap. Chrome taps have a gleaming finish and are among the most popular. Stainless steel taps, on the other hand, have a non-reflective and duller surface. When compared to chrome taps, brushed stainless-steel taps require less maintenance. You can choose brushed nickel for a softer look with the silver tap effect. Furthermore, if you want warm metal taps, you can choose brass when installing or replacing your kitchen faucets.


Aside from any technical considerations, selecting the best kitchen mixer tap comes up to your personal preferences and needs. It all depends on your kitchen, your needs, your budget, and your personal preferences. You are already aware of the most important features. It is now up to you to look around and compare various kitchen mixer taps from Albirco. Finally, look for the tap that will provide you with the most assistance in your daily kitchen tasks. We are leading kitchen sink mixers and building material suppliers in Dubai that provide a wide variety of high-end kitchen sink mixer taps for you to choose from. So connect with our team today to buy the perfect mixer for your kitchen sink.