Albirco, established in the United Arab Emirates, sells, and services ceiling fans, bathroom accessories, lighting, and other products. From the United Arab Emirates to Iran, Albirco has been proudly offering innovative goods for commercial and domestic use. Albirco was built on the belief that effective system design and project execution require excellent deep engineering knowledge, applicable practical field expertise, and genuine customer service. As we continue to export the top brands to Iran, these ideals serve as the cornerstone for our business.

Metro Fan Supplier in Iran

Metro is a contemporary take on ceiling fans that effortlessly balances style and functionality. Metro is an ode to an often-underappreciated decorative element that can actually define an entire space, ranging from wonderful vintage fans, table fans, and wall fans that embrace the cutting edge of technology. The humble fan is no longer the humble or meek workhorse it once was — it is a thing of beauty here.

About Our Products - Metro

Experience the comfort of cooling combined with the ease of ergonomics. Metro’s table, wall, and pedestal fans provide cooling from anywhere, at any time. Stand fans or pedestal fans are designed to be used in homes, hotels, lobbies, or restaurants, but they can be used anywhere. They differ from ceiling fans in that they take up much less space and direct the flow of air. Metro stand fans are a collection of premium, designer, and dynamic stand or pedestal fans with multiple speed settings and power-saving features. If you’re looking for stand or pedestal fans, Metro’s selection of stand fans might be just what you’re looking for. These premium stand fans feature aerodynamic technology that provides fresh, cool air in any setting. They also sell stand fans with remotes, which are ideal for use in official or formal settings.

Wall fans are fans that are mounted on the wall to circulate air throughout the rooms. Wall fans, as opposed to ceiling fans, take up less space and are adjustable to your needs. They are the ideal way to beat the summer heat in a small space. Metro wall fans are designed to provide you with the best service and value while also saving you money and energy. Wall mount fans are also safer because they do not endanger children in the same way that stand or table fans do. Wall fans easily keep the upper layer of the room cool while drawing out irritants from within.

We have collaborated with Metro, to provide best quality products that stand the test of time. Over the time we have grown and evolved as a brand that offers exceptional and practical products.

Albirco has been supplying products from Metro for 30 years now. These products are supplied to many Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries like Iran. Our expert sales specialists have deep knowledge about products from Metro ventilation. No matter what home improvement or industrial products you are looking for, you’ll find everything you need at Albirco. Check out the products on our website and Contact us for further details!