Wall lighting is an integral part of home decor as well as commercial lighting. Regardless of which LED Wall Lights you choose, certain prerequisites need to be followed to install them in any room. Their function in an interior is both decorative and functional. Lighting elements, or lighting solutions, are available in various shapes and sizes, forms, and functions. This makes it even more difficult for people to feel overwhelmed when selecting the right fixtures. Wall lights are typically thought of as subtle elements with a warm glow.

As LED wall lights suppliers in UAE we provide a variety of high-end wall-mounted lights for residential and commercial purposes. We understand how important it is to have complete knowledge of various aspects of lighting when purchasing wall lights Dubai. In this blog, we’ll cover a few methods to help you to select the right LED wall lights for commercial and residential use. Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before purchasing wall-mounted lights:

What are your lighting requirements?

Despite popular belief, living room wall lights are used for more than just decoration. Wall lights can be utilized in almost any living space, including outdoors! Before you decide on the type of wall light you need, consider the space in which you would like them installed and the purpose for which they are required.

Choosing wall lights is determined by your requirements. Warm LED lights are perfect if you want to provide subtle illumination in your doorway. Wall lighting can also be used in your workspace to provide complete illumination across the store.

Modern wall lights can be attached as semi-adjustable fixtures to your workspace or home office instead of traditional desk lamps. Wall lights Dubai perform the same function as desk lamps but last long and save space. Similarly, you can hang photos from graduation ceremonies, certificates, artwork, or your child’s painting under wall lights. As LED light suppliers in UAE, our lights take center stage and deliver even illumination across your space.

Aesthetics and security are the 2 benefits of choosing Outdoor wall lights Dubai. Wall lights can be used with pre-existing fixtures to create a brighter, more pleasant environment. They’re commonly used as scones which give a simplistic look.

Albirco's Gloware LED L Shape Wall Light

What size is your space?

You must consider the dimensions of the living space in which you intend to install wall lights. Because something looks great online or in a store doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your home. A large wall scone, for example, will stick out in a narrow hallway and make the space feel cramped.

Therefore before purchasing a wall light, measure the area where it’s to be installed. These dimensions serve as a guide for the size of the wall light you require for your home/office. Moreover, there are multiple wall LED light design options to choose from.

Albirco's Gloware LED Diagonal Wall Light

How many lights are enough?

To respond to this question, remember that anything can appear tacky if designed to do so. Wall lights aren’t supposed to be tacky. They can, however, be made to appear in a haphazard way.

There is nothing like having too many wall lights, but there could be if you work around them properly. You must be careful where you place your wall lights to get the most out of them. Installing them at eye level rather than reaching for the ceiling as it prevents glare and eye strain caused by light.

If you want to light up a corridor, try putting several wall lights at regular intervals. If you have a long hallway, place them at 8 to 10-foot intervals for a tried-and-true method of creating a lovely lighting scheme.

Albirco's Gloware LED Up / Down Wall Light IP65

Wall lighting is more about lighting solutions than individual elements. They’re ideal for any living space and help tie everything together. With multiple lighting themes available you can select the right LED wall lights for your home and office. As trusted lighting and building materials supplier in UAE, Albirco offers a plethora of wall light styles and sizes to choose from. Connect with our team today to buy wall lights from certified brands in UAE.