Outdoor lighting systems are not just installed to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of a living space, but also to secure your spaces from burglars and intruders. An outdoor lighting system dedicated to protecting your home from intruders can end up making your family feel more secure. Bright lights deter crime by making it more difficult for thieves, vandals, and other criminals to approach your home undetected.  

In most people’s perceptions, lighting and crime have a straightforward and direct relationship: improved illumination will prevent perpetrators who benefit from the cover of darkness. Because of better illumination, offenders are more likely to be noticed by someone who can intervene, phone the police, or recognize the offender. Even if this does not occur, some criminals who are afraid of it will be prevented from committing crimes. 

Why is outdoor lighting important? 

Outdoor lighting systems are designed to complement the look of your house while also creating a secure environment for your visitors and family. Traditional exterior lighting systems, on the other hand, might expose weaknesses in your home’s line of sight, giving burglars great hiding areas. Fortunately, advancements in outdoor lighting have resulted in the investigation of security lighting. Security lighting is not only attractive but it is also intended to improve the security of your home. This is accomplished by controlling how and when criminals see your property at night.


Let’s introduce you to some popular outdoor lighting techniques:


Wall Lights  

 Outdoor wall lights for the home are an important part of any home. It not only creates a lovely and illuminated environment outside, but it also provides much-needed security. These outdoor LED lights add a touch of appeal and a sense of modernity to your home when placed on either side of a door or window or used to break up a solid wall. 

 Wherever security is a concern, these opulent wall sconces provide the necessary illumination while remaining unobtrusive. They can also be combined with other outdoor luminaires to provide ambient lighting in outdoor seating areas.  

Gloware offers COB, diagonal and cube wall lights COB chip with high lumen efficiency and good quality. These are weather-resistant and suited for usage in outdoor environments. From massive trees and structures to home facades and low-level plantings, there is ideal lighting for every circumstance. 



 Floodlights are greatly used to illuminate living spaces and yards since there has been an increase in different options in recent years. Floodlights differ from other types of lighting not only because of their wide light angle but also because they must be resistant to weather elements such as rain or frost. As a result, floodlights must be significantly more resistant than indoor lights. 

Outdoor LED flood lighting is a sort of outdoor lighting that is typically put on buildings or poles to offer directed lighting to a number of area types. This form of lighting is commonly used to provide light to areas for security, vehicle and pedestrian usage, and building wall washing, as well as sports fields and other big areas requiring general outdoor illumination. 

Gloware flood light’s housing is made entirely of die-cast aluminium and has excellent heat dissipation. It has an LED chip with high lumen efficiency and reliability. To achieve a wider beam angle and a greater illumination effect, they use a high-quality PC reflector.  


High Bay lights  

 High-bay lights, as the name suggests, are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceiling heights ranging from 20 to 45 feet. Because of their location, high-bay lights are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. They have a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including workshops, factories, and assembly lines. High-bay lights can also be found in large recreational facilities and gyms. These lights are also ideal for lighting storage facilities and warehouses. They can be used in large conference halls, event centers, or anywhere that requires lighting from a height of more than 20 feet.  


An advantage of high-bay lighting is that it provides uniform, clear lighting with absolutely less glare compared to other options of what’s below it.  Different types of reflectors can perform various types of illumination tasks for high-bay lights.  

Gloware LED high bay lights have a  30,000-hour life span and come with an IP of 65. These have a full die-casting aluminium shell with integrated molding and excellent heat dissipation. A one-of-a-kind breather design maintains the balance of air pressure inside and outside the vehicle.  


 Ground lights  

Ground lights may be projected onto walls, architectural elements, trees, and plants to create a beautiful outdoor environment, but make sure you buy products that are truly robust. Ground lights enhance night-time aesthetics, security and safety. These lighting solutions highlight the property’s best features and help in making the place look warm and cozy. However, it is important to understand the different aspects of ground lighting in order to enhance your outdoor space.    

Gloware’s LED ground lights and underground lights  have COB chips of excellent quality that provide great lumen efficiency. It is weather-resistant and can be utilized in outdoor applications. From massive trees and structures to home facades and low-level plantings, there is ideal lighting for every circumstance. 

 Outdoor lights have a far broader purpose than simply providing illumination for the outdoors. Gloware lights from Albirco are specifically developed to give consistent colours and exceptional performance. To know more about the outdoor lights from Gloware please check our website.