The types of lights you use to illuminate your office play a crucial role in maintaining the productivity and health of your employees. The right color and type of LED, both impact the performance of your employees. That’s why modern offices are switching to cooler white color LED panel lights that make your employees feel energetic and maintain a formal look in your office.
LED Panel lights are a common lighting solution in both homes and commercial spaces. Unlike traditional bulbs, they’re round or square led ceiling lights spaced evenly to distribute light across the room without ruing the aesthetic. They’re a great alternative to costly and unreliable fluorescent bulbs that increase inefficiency, increase the possibility of mishaps and negatively impact the interior of your office.
The 60×60 LED panel light is the most common light used in offices for multiple reasons. Being one of the best Lighting Companies in Dubai, we’ve made a list of 7 benefits of using LED lights in your office:

1. Even distribution of light across each corner

The biggest benefit of LED Panel lights is they evenly distribute lights across every corner, unlike traditional fluorescent bulbs. They light up the dimmest parts in your office and remove dark holes from the shelves and storage units. A 60×60 LED Light Dubai is perfect for most offices and eliminates the need for any additional lighting that adds to your expenses and hinders work.

Albirco'a Gloware LED Backlite Panel Plastic Frame 60×60


2. Professional and High-quality lighting

LED panel lights deliver a consistent and flicker-free distribution of light that doesn’t impact the mental and physical health of your employees. They have a high CRI ensuring the light distributed keeps your employees active and focused. Moreover, as the light is evenly distributed the furniture and objects in your office don’t appear washed out or dull. LED panel lights utilize the color temperature and illuminate your office accordingly. Thus, panel lights allow you to illuminate different environments of the office according to your needs.

3. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Every company wants to reduce the operational costs of their without negatively impacting the productivity and health of their employees. LED panel lights help you do so as they’re energy-efficient and maximize savings on lighting costs. Compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs, LED diodes reduce your energy consumption making them sustainable and eco-friendly. Being one of the best building material suppliers in UAE, Albirco provides you with the best Gloware LED panel lights for your office.Albirco's Gloware LED Grill Light


4. Highly Durable and long-lasting

Compared to fluorescent lights a 15-watt LED ceiling light produces the same brightness as its 32-watt fluorescent alternative. LED Panel lights are quite durable and have a vast lifespan of over 25,000 hours. Using LED lighting for office space ensures a uniform quality of light distributed for a long period helping you focus on other HR and operational tasks.

5. Maintains brightness without any Glare

LED lighting offers advanced control options that help you customize the output of light. As leading LED light suppliers in UAE our panel lights are available in different wattage options ranging from 30w to 60w. Combining the multiple wattage options with a bright and anti-glare surface it’s easier for you to select Panel lights with the right brightness based on the size and design of your office space.

Albirco's Gloware LED Slim Panel Light Round


6. Easy installation and maintenance

Apart from saving energy costs, LED panel lights also help in reducing installation and maintenance costs. LED panels are lightweight and can be easily installed by a person on the T-bar grid. They come with mounting fixtures which are perfect for office spaces and indoor lighting Dubai. All these features reduce maintenance costs and time reducing your dependence on lighting professionals for regular maintenance and new light installation.

7. Offers a Smart lighting option

LED panel lights are integrated with various features like internet connectivity, dimmability options, and compatibility with motion sensors. This gives you more control over your lighting and multiple customization options. Smart LEDs give you the power to perform various functions like, remote and auto switch off, adjust the light color and check the status of your lights via an app. Smart LED Panels can be useful in offices using multiple lighting and are effective for emergency lighting.

Albirco's Gloware LED Project Panel Light

Thus it’s fair to say that LED panels are the perfect fit for office spaces. Installing Panel lights make your business environment comfortable, elegant, and professional. Albirco is one of the best lighting companies in UAE that offers a wide selection of sleek and elegant LED Panel Light Wholesale price. So give us a call today to book the best LED lights for your office!