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Insect Killer

In whatever part of the world you may live in, insects will certainly be a part of the surroundings. It is very important to get rid of them in the best possible way. There are multiple ways to get rid of these insects like nets, liquids, repellents etc. But these repellents and liquids emit harmful chemicals that may have adverse effects on our health. These electric lights trap the insects without any noise, they are lightweight, easy to handle and easy to clean. Some add on features of this device include LED UV light, safe to use, low power consumption. 

The Moel electric insect killer lamp has a unique design, making it an ideal choice for offices, homes and garden areas. These systems have been introduced to the market by proper research on behaviour of the insects. The lights installed attract the insects from 360 degrees.  

We have over 3 decades of business behind us, Albirco has become recognised across the world and is a proud supplier of Moel Insect killers. Our supplied products are available in 13 countries across the globe. Albirco was started in a humble way and has evolved as a huge enterprise today. Our way of business complies with every international norm and quality standard procedures while producing top class products.  

Every team member is duty-bound, tuned towards introducing products that are consistent in quality, technology, innovation and that provide our customers; value for their investment. Today Albirco strives not to satisfy our customers but to exceed their expectations through a solid after sales service backup, undoubtedly the best in the world.