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LED Panel Light Wholesale Price

LED panel lights have taken off from the old fluorescent lights in recent years. Panel lights are the latest in the lights segment, adopting the latest technology and superior material. It is a popular type of light in household and commercial spaces, and as Lighting Companies in Dubai we help you source the right ones for all your needs. They are durable, eco-friendly, and power-saving. Due to the array of advantages that LED lights have, they have quickly made their way into multiple homes and offices, and we at Albirco provide the best price for wholesale LED panel lights.

As one of the leading LED panel light wholesale price suppliers, our LED panels are an excellent choice if you are looking for a light that makes spaces look brighter and more refreshing. Compared to traditional lights, it is beneficial to our health as it protects our eyes from eye fatigue.

Albirco is one of the top LED Light Suppliers in UAEthat offers a variety of environmentally friendly LED panel light wholesale price. This makes our lighting safe to have around your employees and your loved ones at home. If you are looking for the top that helps you source energy-saving lighting options, then Albirco is the right choice. We offer LED panel lights wholesale that are energy-efficient, setting a great atmosphere within the living and workspace while being durable and reliable.

How do LED light panels work?

Albirco offers a variety of wholesale LED ceiling lights and the science behind their functioning is explained in our LED guide. Several main components go into the panels themselves:

Frame: The frame is thin and lightweight, made of aluminum, and prevents light from leaking from the panel’s edges.

LED chips: LED chips are LEDs that are mounted on a circuit board.

Light Guide Plate: The light guide plate directs light from the LEDs to the diffuser.

Diffuser: This evenly distributes the light outward while reducing glare.

Reflector Plate: This ensures that all light is reflected into the light guide plate.

How long do LED panel lights Last?

LED panel lights have a lifespan of 5, 10, 17, or even 20 years, depending on how frequently they are used. We’re leading suppliers of wholesale LED panel lights that offer you a variety of high-quality, durable lights.The expected lifespan of a light source is determined by how it is used daily, with the power source avoiding heat exposure because it reduces the lifespan.

How do I choose an LED panel?

As LED panel light suppliers, we’ve made a list of things you need to consider before selecting LED panel light manufacturers, they are:

  1. Dimensions and Position
  2. Power of LED Panel Lighting
  3. Luminance per Watt
  4. Temperature of Color

Being LED lighting wholesale suppliers we offer many options satisfy almost all customer needs and requirements for residential, commercial, and industrial usage due to their ease of installation.

What’s the difference between the LED ceiling light and panel light?

Many people get the LED panel light and ceiling light mixed up, that’s why we as a LED ceiling lights supplier in UAE help you differentiate between the two. However, the appearance and actual use are very different. Ceiling lights come in various sizes and shapes, whereas panel lights are either round or square. LED ceiling lamps are appropriate for residential applications such as home, corridor, and aisle use, among others. As an office LED panel light wholesaler our LED panel lights can be used in commercial applications such as offices, supermarkets, warehouses, and schools, among others.

With Albirco’s extensive range of lighting options that we ship in bulk, you can bet that we have panel lights that suit your needs. As one of the leading LED light manufacturers in UAE, our LED square light panels wholesale range in brightness, wattage, size, and color, ensuring that you find the right one for your requirements. As proud LED panel light suppliers, we are backed with 3 decades of industry experience, which is why our lighting range stays a step ahead. We are the simplest choice for energy efficiency, making it easy for businesses and consumers to purchase LED lights that save money and protect the environment.

We are one of the top Lighting and building material suppliers in Dubai. Over the three decades of being in business, we have gained cordial relations with businesses from countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Oman, Qatar, Chad, Sudan, and Tanzania.

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