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MOEL Cri Cri Insect Killer 310A

  • Dimension in mm.               494x230x740
  • Weight                                   2 kg
  • Power Supply                        220-240V  50-60Hz
  • Lamp UV-A                           2 x 20 w
  • Lamp Life                              5000 h.
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Moel 2X20W


The new MO-PLICK PUNTO RISTORO meets the needs of the HACCP staff in the field of hospitality and catering. The adhesive paper panel is partially visible to allow a rough estimate to be ade of the insects caught when the product is closed. The sheet of adhesive paper can be replaced following the instructions on the side of the wall.

MO-PLICK 310A is available in aluminium, stainless steel and painted steel.

There is a choice of MO-PLICK PUNTO-RISTORO classic version 2x20w and the low consumption LED version. Slim and compact, it minimises use of wall space.  Complete with switch, cable and plug, it functions either supported on a stable base or fixed to the wall.

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