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MOEL Cri Cri Insect Killer Lamp 15W Black Light

  • Metel Code                            MOE0415
  • Lamps features                     UV-A Actinic
  • Lamp life                                2000H
  • Luminous Spectrum            365 nm
  • Lamps Power                        1×15 W
  • Compatible with                  309, 700, 701, 304, 396A
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Moel 15W


The UV-A lamps, produced by Sylvania for MO-EL S.p.A., are the result of a long experience. MO-EL associates its products with exclusive UV-A lights with an actinic charge able to create a light spectrum of 365 nm, the only one able to enchant insects. MO-EL lamps reproduce the light spectrum of the sun’s rays reflected by the water. Insects identify their natural habitat and are attracted to them from the first hours of life until the time of spawning.

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