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Moel Mo Stick Insect Killer 399R PVC Body

Dimensions in mm: 400x170x265
Weight: 1.4 Kg
Power supply voltage: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Total consumption: 20W
UV-A lamps: 1x20W
Construction material: polystyrene
The range of action: 3-5 square meters
Standard equipment: adhesive paper

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Adhesive paper kettles made for environments that must combine an effective tool to fight pests harmful to aesthetically pleasing equipment.
Product for installation without the power cord.
The perfect compatibility of MO-PLICK allows it to be used in public spaces, offering an easy and quick cleaning.
The external fairing is extracted with a simple gesture and the glue paper replaces in a few moments.
Equipped with a high-quality UV-A lamp, with a power of 20 W and a range of about 3-5 meters. The model is compliant with CE regulations and approved by IMQ.

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