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Moel Mo Stick Insect Killer 701

IP Protection rate: IP55
Dimensions in mm: 400x120x155
Weight: 2,2 kg
Power: 40
Power of supply: 230 V/ 50 Hz
Insulating Class: I
Cable: H05RN-F
Plug: Tripole Schuko
Master Box: 1 PC
Metal Code: MOE701
Lamps features: UV-A Actinic
Lamp life: 2000H
Luminous Spectrum: 365 nm
Lamps Power: 2×15 W
Structure: aluminium, lamps protection in Pmma

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This electrical device is manufactured in compliance with the HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Points Control (CE 93 / 43-96 / 3-DL 155/97). This system allows you to control and eliminate all flying insects in the surrounding environment.

STRUCTURE AND INSTALLATION: The union between UV-A lamps and glue board is the only system that allows insect monitoring. The glue board prevents fragmentation of the insects and therefore the proliferation of bacteria. All this makes MO-fly an excellent solution for insect control. The appliance can be fixed to the wall or supported.

LAMPS: It is equipped with two high-performance UV-A lamps, with a total power of 30 W and a range of about 10-12 meters.
SAFETY The model is in IP55 protection and complies with CE regulations. The electrical parts of the appliance, including the UV-A actinic lamps, remain completely isolated and protected by the unbreakable transparent cover to guarantee the highest safety and the utmost respect for sanitary and hygienic standards.
Function: PEST CONTROL HACCP system, high quality glue paper, aluminum, washable with water and detergents, anti-crushing protected lamps, IP55 protection degree. Adhesive paper produced with harmless substances, approved for HACCP in accordance with regulation (EC) nr. 1907/2006. It can also work simply supported on a flat surface.
Suitable For: HACCP, compliant with the most stringent directives. Suitable for the food and catering industry.
Range of Action: 10-12 m
Coming with: Effective within an linear irradiation of 10-12m.
Accessories: 4 glue boards
Made in ITALY

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