In terms of convenience and health, installing a bidet spray (shataff) is just as advantageous as installing other taps. Having a well-functional and durable budget spray reduces your stress about running out of toilet paper while keeping you free from any diseases and infections 

Many modern-day consumers install a Shataff set in their bathrooms as they have several advantages. Despite this, some people are still unsure of using a bidet spray due to the various misconceptions about them. That’s why we at Albirco are here to clear your doubts about installing a Toilet Shattaf set. Here is a list of some common misconceptions about owning a bidet spray: 


1. They’re Difficult to Use

A bidet spray may seem to be difficult to use at first, but it is simply due to your unfamiliarity with it. You can understand their simplicity only after using them. After all, they will help to keep the bathroom clean and appear difficult to use because they’re quite new.

They are simple to use for anyone, from children to the elderly. The hand-held shataff set has knobs and elongated spray heads, which eliminates the need to get up from the toilet seat or turn at odd angles to clean up. You can simply sit comfortably and clean easily.


2. They leave a mess.

Using a bidet spat may appear difficult and challenging at first. Many people think that they’ll be drenched as soon as they pull the lever. Modern bidets, on the other hand, have pressure control making it easier to adjust the pressure to meet your requirements.

There is no way a Shataff set could be unsanitary in terms of hygiene. In fact, they’re a more environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper. It eliminates the need for toilet paper after using the restroom and the water used is sourced from clean tanks.


3. They aren’t that comfortable.

The first time you use a bidet spray, you may feel a little uneasy. But that is only a fleeting sensation. You’ll never want to use toilet paper again once you’ve started using a Shataff set.

You will not experience any discomfort if you use a bidet in accordance with its instructions. 

If you follow the instructions properly, you surely won’t experience any discomfort while using them. Moreover, some Shataff sets also let you adjust the water pressure for the best comfort and experience.


4. They’re expensive to install and maintain

Being one of the best sanitary ware suppliers in dubai, we at Albirco offer multiple types of Bidet sprays with great functionality and design. The majority of bidets are designed with standard functionality that anyone can understand. Moreover, standard Shataff sets are not ridiculously expensive. It’s also a one-time installation that will save you lots of money on purchasing toilet paper regularly.


5. They take up a lot of room.

The hand-held bidet can even be installed on the side of your toilet tank, eliminating the need for separate installation space. They can be connected right to the water supply valve at the base of the toilet and mounted on the wall beside the toilet. If you have a smaller space, they can be hung on the water tank of the toilet. As a result, you don’t need a large bathroom to install a hand-held bidet.

6. They significantly increase your water bill 

Many people think that Shataff sets use a lot of water and thus aren’t environmentally friendly. However, Shataff set is more environmentally friendly than toilet paper as they don’t need any paper or other accessories whatsoever

Installing a bidet in your home will save you money and benefit the environment. According to studies, bidets use 1/8 gallon of water. Whereas producing a single roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons. Moreover, cleaning up requires the same amount of water as washing your hands. 

As a result, you save water while putting less strain on the environment by using a Shatff set. You can also control the flow of water from a bidet. You can toggle it on and off as needed, so you don’t have to worry about wasting water.




Shataff sets are becoming more popular, and using one is no longer difficult. Now that you know what benefits they provide, you can decide whether or not you and your family can benefit from this popular cleanliness fixture. We at Albirco are leading Shataff set and building material suppliers in Dubai. We provide an innovative range of bidets that are of high quality and reasonably priced. So give us a call to connect with our team to learn more and book a Shataff set today!