Installing effective lighting has always been a significant expense for warehouse operators. The economic and health impacts of lighting are quite significant in any Warehouse. From the huge energy bills to a reduction in productivity and an increase in accidents due to dim or inadequate lighting, they hugely affect the efficiency of any warehouse. 

Research shows that switching to high bay lights can drastically reduce the amount of money your business spends on energy costs. Albirco is one of the leading Outdoor lighting suppliers in UAE that delivers high-quality LED high bay light systems, which are the best systems for warehouses because of their numerous advantages. 

LEDs outlast traditional bulbs by more than 50 times. Gloware only uses high-quality LED chips to provide your warehouse with the brightest LED high bay lights. Because of these benefits, Gloware LED high bay lights are an excellent choice for any warehouse looking to replace its existing lighting system with something less expensive but more durable and efficient. So here are 10 benefits of using Gloware high bay lights to illuminate your warehouse:


  1. Economic Effectiveness

Gloware LED high bay lights are more cost-effective than traditional high bay lights, owing to their longer lifespan and lower power consumption. Because LEDs last much longer than fluorescent lamps, you’ll need to buy fewer replacements. 


  1. Superior Lumen Efficiency

LED high bay lights can produce far more light than traditional lighting and even more lumens per unit. Gloware has a lumen output of 16500, making the high bay lights bright yet easy on the eye. It has a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of > 80, which allows it to render the color of objects quite vividly when illuminated.

Gloware LED High Bay Light

  1. Improved Lifespan

Gloware high bay lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional high bay lighting. Because the average lifespan is around 30,000 hours, you won’t have to replace them for years.


  1. Energy Conservation

Gloware High Bay uses less energy than traditional high bay lights. It is typically around 50% less, resulting in lower electricity bills.


  1. Better color variations

Gloware high bay lights are available in different variations of white; cool white, daylight, and warm white help maintain a comfortable working environment. Moreover, you can use any of the three color variations for your warehouse as they are bright, and the effect brought by these lights are not harsh on human eyes.


  1. Reduced Radiation

Mercury vapor is a common substance used in most traditional industrial lights but these mercury-infused lights emit very harmful radiation. Gloware High Bay lightings, on the other hand, are free of such toxic materials, making them safe to use in your warehouse and protecting the health of your employees.

Gloware LED High Bay Light

  1. Lower maintenance costs

Because high bay lights have higher mounting heights, replacing any amount of lights can be very expensive. However, Gloware High bay lights have a longer lifespan than many conventional bulbs reducing their replacement time and lowering overall maintenance costs. 


  1. Saves space

Gloware High Bay lights are 340 X 50mm, significantly smaller than traditional high bay lights. As a result, you can free up more space for other applications. They also have a low fire and heat emission rating making Gloware LED High Bay lights much safer than traditional high bay lighting. 


  1. Eco-Friendly

Gloware high bay lights contain no hazardous materials like lead, mercury, or metal halide. It only contains environmentally friendly metals. They have a full die-casting aluminum shell with integrated molding for good heat dissipation. These have a unique breather design to balance the air pressure inside and outside.


  1. Highly Efficienct

Finally, when deciding whether or not to switch to a different lighting style, your light performance is an important factor to consider. Gloware high bay lights outperform their competitors in terms of brightness and efficiency. These have a multi-point design that evenly distributes light across the target surface. As a result, light levels will vary less across a given surface between fixture mounting points. Albirco is one of the leading LED light suppliers in UAE providing Gloware LED high bay lights are available in three different colors, providing various options for increasing the visual experience of “brightness” and even light dispersion.


Gloware LED high bay lights offer numerous advantages when selecting the best light for your warehouse space. High bay lights are more cost-effective due to their long lifespan and low power consumption. Gloware high bay lighting will also eliminate glare and artificial shadows caused by a single light source. LEDs are an excellent option for any warehouse owner looking to upgrade the current lighting system without sacrificing quality or performance while saving money on installation and energy bills over time.

Albirco is your trusted choice for all aspects of your lighting upgrade project, with over three decades of experience as one of the top lighting and building material suppliers in Dubai! We aim to deliver the best quality products with end-to-end services to help you select the right lights. So give us a call or book an inquiry to connect with our team and devise the perfect lighting solution for your warehouse!