In the bustling environment of corporate offices in UAE and commercial buildings in Dubai, maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is crucial. Electric insect-killer machines are among the most requested items by building owners and facilities managers. They are essential for creating a bug-free environment that promotes employee well-being and productivity.

Flying pests like flies and mosquitoes can disrupt the serene atmosphere of any office. Electric insect killers use UV light to attract these insects and efficiently eliminate them, providing a safe and effective pest control solution without harmful chemicals.

Let us discuss why electric insect killers are indispensable in corporate settings, the significance of electric insecticides, their various types, benefits, and optimal installation locations to ensure maximum efficacy.

What is an Electric Insect Killer Machine?

An electric insect killer machine, an insect zapper or bug trap, utilizes UV light to lure flying insects. Once attracted to the light, the insects come into contact with an electrified grid that swiftly eliminates them. These machines are designed to be safe, efficient, and chemical-free, making them an environmentally friendly solution for pest control in corporate and commercial environments.

Why Are Electric Insect Killers Essential in Corporate Offices?

Electric insect killers are vital in corporate offices and commercial buildings for several reasons:

Effective Pest Control

Electric insect killers like the Mo Stick Insect Killer and Mo Plick Insect Killer are engineered to attract and eliminate flying insects like flies and mosquitoes, ensuring a pest-free environment in office spaces and commercial settings.

Hygiene Maintenance

These devices are crucial in maintaining hygiene by controlling insect populations that can carry diseases and contaminate food and workspaces, safeguarding employees’ health.


Electric insect killers provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution for pest control, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals and ensuring the safety of employees and office visitors.


By leveraging UV light to attract and eliminate pests quickly, electric insect killers offer a convenient and efficient method for managing insects in offices, conference rooms, lobbies, and other commercial spaces.

Types of Insect Killer Machines for Corporate Offices

The Moel CRI CRI Insect Killer is a high-quality tool for effectively eliminating flying insects in corporate offices and commercial buildings. This professional-grade device is part of the MO-El series and boasts several advanced features:

Moel CRI CRI Insect Killer

 Moel CRI CRI Insect Killer

The Moel CRI CRI Insect Killer features grid-cleaning frameworks that ensure continuous efficacy. Made with ABS plastic reinforced with glass fiber, this insecticide is protected from heat and sunlight, making it ideal for diverse office environments.

Key Features:

Effective Pest Control:

Perfect for corporate settings where maintaining a pest-free environment is crucial.

UV-A Light Technology:

Equipped with two 20-watt UV-A lamps that attract insects within a 12- to 15-meter radius.

Sturdy Construction:

Built from durable materials that resist deterioration over time.

Safety Standards:

Approved by IMQ with an IPX4 protection rating, suitable for outdoor installations and resistant to water exposure.

Mo Stick Insect Killer

Mo Stick Insect Killer

Designed for industrial use, the Mo Stick Insect Killer is a professional-grade electric bug killer that meets the highest standards of environmental hygiene. Ideal for use in commercial buildings and corporate offices, it features:

Key Features:

Stainless Steel Construction:

Durable and suitable in food preparation areas, restaurants, and cafeterias within corporate settings.

Potent UV-A Lamps:

Two 40W UV-A lamps are protected by a shatterproof sheath.

IP65 Protection:

Weighs about 7-8 kg with a high protection rating against dust and water.

Power Supply:

Operates on a 220/240V power source and can be cleaned with detergent and water.

Mo Plick Insect Killer

Mo Plick Insect Killer

The Mo Plick Insect Killer is a reliable and easy-to-use device perfect for maintaining hygienic environments in corporate offices. It traps insects on adhesive paper or eliminates them via an electrified grid, keeping office spaces pest-free.

Key Features:

Effective Pest Control:

Designed to eliminate flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects efficiently.

Adhesive Paper Trapping:

Offers a safe and effective method for pest control in office environments.

User-Friendly Design:

Easy to use and ideal for maintaining cleanliness in commercial spaces.

Application Versatility:

Suitable for use in various commercial settings, including offices and meeting rooms.

Benefits of Insect Killer Machines in Corporate Offices

Effective Insect Control:

Insect killer machines are designed to attract and eliminate flying insects efficiently, providing a practical solution for pest control in corporate settings.


These machines offer a quick and easy way to manage flying insects, reducing the need for manual pest control methods in office environments.

Broad Range of Applications:

Effective in various settings, these devices can attract and eliminate flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, common in corporate offices.


Insect killer machines do not rely on harmful chemicals, making them a safe and eco-friendly choice for pest control in corporate and commercial spaces.

Simple Maintenance:

Designed for easy maintenance, these machines ensure long-term effectiveness in keeping office spaces hygienic and pest-free.

Where to Install Insect Killing Electric Machines in Corporate Offices

Consider the following aspects when installing electric insect killers in corporate offices and commercial buildings:

Strategic Placement:

To maximize their effectiveness, install the devices near windows, doors, or areas where flying insects are most prevalent.

Environment Considerations:

Different office environments may require different pest management solutions, so choose a device that fits your needs.

Ease of Maintenance:

To ensure long-term efficiency, opt for an insect killer machine with user-friendly features and easy cleaning options.

Production Areas and Passageways:

Install devices like the Mo Stick Insect Killer in critical areas to attract and eliminate insects before they reach essential workspaces, reducing the risk of disruptions in corporate offices.


Electric insect killers are essential for maintaining a clean, pest-free, and hygienic environment in corporate offices and commercial buildings. They ensure the safety and comfort of employees and visitors across various settings.

Albirco defines itself as a dependable building materials suppliers in UAE with superior insecticide machines, offering valuable and practical solutions for controlling pests in various environments. Their extensive product range, commitment to safety and efficiency, and focus on maintaining pest-free spaces make them a reliable choice for businesses seeking effective insect control solutions in corporate environments.