A mixer tap is the most underrated and less focused upon addition in your kitchen. They not only add function but also play a huge role in improving the overall aesthetic of your kitchen sink. Thus with the growing demand for modern kitchen systems its become quite difficult to select the right kitchen sink mixer for your home. Due to their modern and regal design, tall kitchen mixer taps have grown in popularity in recent years. They perfectly mount over kitchen countertop basins and add a subtle extravagance to your sink. 

Tall kitchen sink mixers have an elegant design with a glorious height that makes your sink surface a classy look. One brand that stands out in making some amazing sink mixers is Reef. Albirco is one of the best sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai that offers an excellent collection of kitchen sink mixers. Their kitchen sink mixers offer a perfect blend of functionality and design making them perfect for modern kitchens. That’s why we at Albirco have a list of 6 of the most exquisite and perfect Reef kitchen sink mixers for your home:


Reef kitchen sink mixer drip-01

Reef’s tall kitchen sink mixer comes in an elegant design with a luxurious polished chrome finish. This tap will undoubtedly modernize and update your bathroom with its tall, streamlined design and curved spout. This statement tap also offers a drip-free function; all that is needed to immediately stop the water flow is a quarter turn.

The tall and curved design of the tap gives it a high performance making it very simple to use and maintain, and the chrome-nickel plating makes it possible to have a rust-resistant design. You can easily control the temperature and flow of your countertop tap with a single control handle to update your kitchen.


Reef kitchen sink mixer drip-02

This Reef kitchen sink mixer exudes all kinds of stylish and elegant vibes to your bathroom. The tap’s tall texture looks especially great when paired with a white steel basin. The mixer’s strong, permanently mounted foundation provides a strong base, and the long neck fits beautifully on a kitchen sink. It is suitable for most households because it has a smooth design that allows for a seamless and smooth flow of water making it one of the best washroom and kitchen accessories.

The Reef kitchen sink mixer drip-02 is incredibly simple to use and only needs one hand to operate, saving you time and energy with each use.


Reef kitchen sink mixer drip-03

Reef’s tall mixer for the kitchen sink will give your suite a hint of sparkle. This Reef tall kitchen mixer sink comes with a high-quality brass design that has been polished to give it a contemporary, ultra-shiny appearance that perfectly matches the tall tap’s long and sophisticated spout. The fixed swan-neck spout’s grand and elegant design perfectly blends in with a countertop basin, making it the best option if you’re looking for a simple kitchen mixer tap. With significant water efficiency and savings, this beautiful mixer tap makes your morning routine something you look forward to because of its simple and sleek design.


Reef kitchen sink mixer drip-04

This brushed black tall kitchen sink mixer is both practical and stylish with a minimalist, sleek design that makes it incredibly simple to use. This piece has a subtle shine thanks to its solid brass base with a durable chrome nickel finish and its tall design that’s designed to save water by stopping excessive water from dripping and leaking.


Reef kitchen sink mixer iris-03

This stunning countertop kitchen mixer tap has a chrome nickel finish giving it an extravagant look, it is a  statement piece for your kitchen decor. The tall, straight body of the tap is softened by the subtle curve of the spout giving it a touch of sophistication and simplicity. With a little finesse and a modern sink, this tall kitchen mixer subtly spruces up your cooking space making it look more elegant and sophisticated.

Reef kitchen sink mixer tulip-03

This Reef kitchen sink mixer combines classic style with top-notch construction. It’s resistant to rust and corrosion providing smooth handling and great water control. This Reef mixer is made of premium brass for utmost durability and has a chrome nickel finish to match its opulent design ideally.


By using these amazing Kitchen sink mixers you can easily notch up the design of your bathroom and kitchen. That’s why our team at  Albirco helps you receive all the information you require about our Reef kitchen sink mixer collection. Albirco is one of the leading building material suppliers in Dubai that has been delivering excellent services along with cutting-edge products for the past 32 years. We continue to pave the way forward with more environmentally friendly innovations and provide you with quality products that fulfill all your daily needs.