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Shattaf Set

The handheld bidet sprayer, better known as a toilet Shattaf Set in the Middle East, is one of the most important washroom and kitchen accessories. The arrangement of the handheld bidet sprayer is simple. A T-connector with a shut-off valve is associated with the waterline, which connects to the toilet. This splits the line to both the toilet and the bidet. A flexible hose comes off the line to the handheld bidet, and this device has a squeeze trigger for operation.

What is a shattaf?

Islamic etiquette follows cleaning yourself with water after visiting the toilet, and a Shataff helps you do so. A toilet shattaf set also known as a bidet sprayer is a commonly used piece of sanitary ware used by people around the world of cleaning up using water. It’s the middle eastern term used for a toilet bidet spray and is derived from the Arabic word “Shatafa”. Like toilet seat covers they provide better personal hygiene and health .A Shataff set consists of a small nozzle attached to a water supply and mounted on a wall near the toilet. The nozzle can be activated by pressing a button or lever, and it releases a stream of water to clean the area.

Our Toilet Shattaf collection

Many experts suggest that cleaning with water and toilet paper is much better than cleaning with toilet paper alone. As one of the most trusted bathroom accessories suppliers in UAE, Albirco helps you source the perfect Shataff set for your bathrooms. Our MEGA toilet shattaf set collection includes:

  • MEGA Shataff Set Chrome with Gray PVC Hose 3033 is made in Turkey and has an ABS body, brass connecting tips, continuous features, and an impressive adjustable flow speed.
  • MEGA Toilet Hand Shattaf Shower 4301 handles up to a maximum of 65 degrees celsius temperature, ABS body for better durability, and a continuous flow filtered input feature.
  • MEGA Shattaf spray Set Handle Chrome 4300 has an adjustable flow speed and an ABS body is made in Turkey and has a continuous flow feature. As one of the best Sanitary ware suppliers in UAE, our Shataff set has a 5-year warranty that can handle a 65-degree temperature.
  • MEGA  Shataff Set PVC 3028 has brass connecting tips PVC white braided hose, an adjustable flow speed, and a continuous flow feature. It can handle 65 degrees celsius.
  • The MEGA Shataff Set S/S Flexible 120 cm 4101 has a stainless chrome spiral hose of 1.20cms and brass connecting tips and can rotate 360 degrees.
  • MEGA Smart Shattaf (Bidet Spray) Cleaning set 4028 has an ABS body, a PVC white braided hose, a brass connecting tip, and an adjustable flow speed for ease of use.

How do you use Bathroom Toilet Shattaf?

Following are the 6 steps you need to follow for using a bathroom shattaf:

  1. Find the water valve of your shattaf toilet spray.
  2. Remove the Shattaf from the holder by unhooking it.
  3. Insert the Toilet Shattaf spray into the toilet bowl.
  4. Activate the thumb leaver.
  5. Examine the water pressure.
  6. Adjust the valve to your liking by turning it up and down.

Are Shattaf bidet sprayers sanitary?

Yes, a shattaf bidet spray is clean and safe to use. All of the reasons for a Toilet Shattaf Set’s safety are listed below:

  • The flow of water reduces the bacteria remnants that are left behind.
  • There is no need for wiping, which can spread bacteria.
  • It does not expose the user to the flaking and tearing of toilet paper; it does not rely on proper toilet paper folding and crumpling techniques.
  • Some bidets automatically raise and flush the seat, reducing hand-to-toilet contact.

How does a toilet bidet spray work?

A hand shattaf, also known as a bidet shower or bidet sprayer, is a toilet-attached nozzle. This bidet is manually installed near your toilet. You can easily unhook the bathroom Toilet shattaf and the long cord attached to it allows the water to spray and will enable you to wash. Because the handheld bidet allows you to control the positioning of the water stream, you can easily clean yourself without using toilet paper.

With more than 30 years of experience, we know how significant washrooms are to your comfort at home. Albirco is the foremost building material suppliers in UAE, and our biggest priority is to assist you to help you build perfect bathrooms.