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Shattaf Set Suppliers in Dubai

The handheld bidet sprayer, otherwise called a shattaf in the Middle East, is a simple cleaning item. The arrangement of the hand-held Shattaf is simple. A T-connector with a shut-off valve is associated with the waterline, which connects to the toilet. This splits the line to both the toilet and the bidet. A flexible hose comes off the line to the hand-held bidet, and this toilet shattaf has a squeeze trigger for operation. This Sanitary ware is known to provide better personal hygiene, health experts suggest that cleaning with water and toilet paper is much better than cleaning with toilet paper alone.

Mega Shattaf Chrome with Gray PVC Hose 3033 is made in Turkey and has an ABS body, brass connecting tips, continuous features and an impressive adjustable flow speed. 

Mega Shattaf Hand Shower 4301 handles up to a maximum of 65 degrees celsius temperature, ABS body for better durability and a continuous flow filtered input feature. 

Mega Shattaf Handle Chrome 4300 has an adjustable flow speed and an ABS body, made in Turkey and has a continuous flow feature. These shattaf come with a 5-year warranty that can handle a 65-degree celsius temperature.  

Mega Shattaf Set PVC 3028 has brass connecting tips PVC white braided hose and an adjustable flow speed and a continuous flow feature. It can handle 65 degrees celsius.  

Mega Shattaf S/S Flexible 120 cm 4101 has a stainless chrome spiral hose of 1.20cms and brass connecting tips and can rotate 360 degrees. 

Mega Smart Shattaf (Bidet Spray) Cleaning set 4028 has an ABS body and a PVC white braided hose and a brass connecting tip and an adjustable flow speed for ease of use. 

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