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Led Ceiling Down light Suppliers

A COB light is a kind of LED light, with COB (Chip-On-Board). COB lights are a variety of LED chips that are firmly packed together and bonded to a substrate like silicon carbide. This makes one huge LED chip that has excellent uniformity of brightness. 

Since the individual LEDs utilized in a COB are chips and not generally bundled, the chips can be mounted with the end goal that they occupy less room and the most noteworthy capability of the LED chips can be obtained. When the COB LED bundle is energised, it appears more like a lighting board than different individual lights as would be the situation when utilizing a few SMD LEDs mounted closely together.

As lighting companies in UAE, we offer you with Gloware COB LED downlights. The idea of development is highly based on fulfilling the requirements of people, alongside keeping the advancement under check concerning the environment. Gloware has consistently kept up with its stance on being the advanced brand for LED indoor lights, thereby giving rise to COB downlights. These LED COB Downlights have been designed explicitly, as per the requirements of the customers. 

The benefits of utilizing LED COB Lights are plenty, with its higher light density accomplished because of the placement of various diodes in its little space, subsequently making it an efficient appliance. These aides the COB lights in illuminating an extensive section of the room and brightening up the space. Hence Albirco, being leading lighting suppliers in UAE focuses on providing you with the best quality products to improve your overall living.

An important step is taken into the world of lighting and being the top Ceiling Down light suppliers & spot light bulbs suppliers we provide; Gloware LED Downlight COB which is one of the best products by Gloware. As an LED ceiling downlight, it flaunts 15,000 hours of light, thus making it an ideal choice for many people. It has a unique way of brightening up the vibe in any room. It boasts about 10 Watts consumption of power at a voltage of 85-265volt. These use high Lumen and high CRI COB LED chips. 

While Albirco is a leading building material suppliers in UAE we certainly believe in providng you with a diverse range of lighting options with multiple products, it is essential to know that we have been strictly following every trading procedure and rule for three decades now.