Albirco was founded in UAE in the year 1990, is committed to providing high-quality, trend-driven products for designing beautiful bathrooms and luxurious outdoor living spaces to our global customer base. With partners and customers throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, we have various measures to ensure we serve a quick turnaround to our customers irrespective of location. Albirco trades across continents from world-class global logistics centers. Albirco has been supplying Mega products to Bahrain for over 30 years.


Mega brings the highest standards of quality, innovation and style to the spaces that you create. Whether you’re looking for individual products and accessories or a complete bathroom, Mega has the biggest range of the most up-to-date bathroom collections. Whether you’re looking for toilets, baths, showers, taps, or anything else, their expert team will help you with the best products. Mega has many great bathroom design ideas from years of collaborating with their customers to deliver high-end bathrooms in the most recent styles. So you can be assured of quality products when you shop with Mega.

About Our Products - Mega

Bidets have become popular around the world and are starting to find a place in most bathrooms. Bidets provide a variety of benefits and advantages that make them worth considering. When compared to the use of toilet paper, one of the most significant advantages of a bidet is improved personal hygiene. The elimination of the need for toilet paper, as well as the bidet’s superior water efficiency, gives it excellent environmental credentials, an issue that is becoming increasingly important for all of us. A bidet is also much smaller than a traditional toilet, which means there is significant space savings to be had, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. Bidets from Mega have a 5 years warranty and are made in Turkey. These can handle a maximum temperature of 65C and have an ABS body for better functionality.  

A nice, comfortable, high-quality toilet seat is more important than you might think. Mega gives the option of selecting a toilet seat with some flair and personality. This begins with a basic color selection, and you’ll find various shades of white. Toilet seats are equipped with a variety of features such as soft-close seats, stainless steel fittings, and hinges.  

Mega offers a fantastic range of quality products and styles available, bathroom taps and tapware mixers can be the pride and joy of any bathroom. They are also one of the most important and frequently used parts of the bathroom, so they must be practical and functional for the household and its occupants. There is a huge selection of taps available, including basin mixers, wall mounted basin mixers, extended height basin mixers, free standing basin mixers, and more. 

Albirco has been supplying products from Mega for 30 years now. These products are supplied to many Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain. Our expert sales specialists have deep knowledge about products from the Mega and sanitary ware industry.  

We have collaborated with Mega to provide the best quality products that stand the test of time. Over time we have grown and evolved as a brand that offers exceptional and practical products.  

No matter what home improvement or industrial products you are looking for, you’ll find everything you need at Albirco. Check out the products on our website and contact us for further details!