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Air cooler Supplier in Dubai

Air coolers in Dubai are one of the best cooling solutions to face dry summers. They are popular because they are economical to use and are environmentally friendly.  In addition, air coolers enjoy benefits, for example, they are not difficult to keep up with, amicable, and compact. These air coolers are a combination of fan and water-cooling means, to take in the hot air and evaporate the heat to give out cool air and are designed to be as quiet as possible, creating less noise. 

An air cooler doesn’t make the air excessively dry like a climate control system. Due to how it works, an air cooler offers better air for your room. To such an extent, the air from the air cooler in UAE is ideal for individuals with asthma or residue sensitivity. Going green is something that concerns all of us, and air coolers trump the card here. Air coolers are eco-friendlier since they use water as the refrigerant.

Being an Air cooler Supplier in Dubai, Albirco exports REEF air coolers in Dubai that are 26 inches tall (1.75m) in black color. These are a perfect alternative for air conditioning. These REEF air coolers in UAE have a strong water pump and a special humidifier that keeps the room cool. These air coolers are designed to keep the convenience of adding water in mind. REEF air coolers in UAE are known to have a 50/60HZ frequency and various fan speed modes. 

Being a ceiling fan supplier in UAE we know the importance of ceiling fans & Air coolers for the environment and your pockets. Air coolers occupy less room, are budget-friendly and the maintenance isn’t perplexing as an air conditioner requires. Accordingly, for some individuals, especially people using air coolers in Dubai is the most ideal choice. Air conditioners might enjoy a few benefits, however, the highlights given by an air cooler in Dubai are better now and again for somebody who needs a machine that is simple to maintain. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Albirco being a Fan Supplier in Dubai has been at the forefront of addressing the requirements of air cooler needs in Dubai, UAE. The reef mist cooler range has been intended to withstand the harsh desert environment of the UAE