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Ground Lights Suppliers in Dubai

Ground lights can elevate any outdoor ambiance by projecting onto walls, architectural features, trees, and bushes. These outdoor ground lights do not acquire much of the space and still emit a beautiful light that spreads evenly and creates a beautiful lightened-up atmosphere for your outdoor space. They are a wonderful way to accentuate your landscape décor and a perfect Outdoor LED lighting solution. Emitting a warm white light, the ground lights are a perfect addition if you wish to upgrade the décor of your space.

Gloware is one of the best lighting manufacturers in Dubai that offers the best quality ground lights. They can perfectly escalate the pathway towards your office and make a decent way of light, it looks great on the eye, yet the general climate it makes has a decent effect on anyone who sees it. Many hospitals are additionally installing ground lights, for patients in a wheelchair or who do require proper LED lighting.

Being one of the top LED light suppliers in UAE, Albirco promises to provide the best range of products like Gloware LED ground lights to boast a minimum ingress protection rating of IP67, implying that they are thoroughly dust-tight and waterproof. And they all boast a 15,000-hour lamp lifespan, making them a perfect fit-and-forget product. Ground lights must be installed using waterproof connections, and we recommend the use of installation tubes in soil or gravel. We’re high bay lighting suppliers in UAE that offer a beautiful and affordable range of these light fixtures that are not only made of high quality but also have a durable and long-lasting robust body produced by the best lighting manufacturers in Dubai. These ground lights are 120X90mm, lumen output of 1000, and a frequency of 50/60Hz.

How do you install ground lights?

Follow the steps to install the ground lights safely

  • Choose a suitable location for the power supply, fixtures, and controls.
  • Connect your power supply to the fixtures and controller with the appropriate low-voltage wire.
  • Dig holes, trenches for light fixtures, and a run wire between the lights and the power supply.
  • Feed the appropriate wire through the conduit into the in-ground light fixture housing.
  • Connected wires and wire nuts should be arranged at the bottom of the housing unit.
  • Connect the power supply as well as any controls.

What is ground lighting? 

Ground light is a circular fixture installed directly into the ground and is commonly used to light walkways and driveways. We’re Ground Lights Suppliers in Dubai that offer a variety of Ground lights that enhance the sophistication and visibility of your yard’s features. It adds drama and atmosphere by illuminating the entire tree or structure with an uplight effect. They work best with spotlights, but uplighting can be a powerful lighting solution.

How long do ground lights Last?

Ground lights can last for years if properly maintained. Always hire an electrician regularly to inspect the lighting and maintain its quality. Several outdoor areas with ground lighting systems have lasted approximately 12 years due to proper maintenance. The light fixture and lamp itself may only last a few decades; however, corrosive outdoor conditions can weaken the institution and the screws that hold it together, necessitating replacement. Damage to the light cord may not frequently occur, necessitating lamp replacement.

Being a LED Ground Lights Supplier in Dubai, our Gloware LED underground light delivers consistent performance by giving great resistance to even extreme weather situations. Their unique design supports the uniform distribution of light and reduces energy consumption.

We at Albirco promise to deliver the best ground garden lights that will beautify your space. With over 3 decades of experience in the industry as the leading building material suppliers in UAE, we have always offered distinctive quality products. We only supply ceiling lights that are engineered great so the final product would likely be great.

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