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Mo Stick Insect Killer

Professional electric bug killer MO-EL’s Mo Stick insect killer is created explicitly for industrial purposes that fulfill the best environmental hygiene. All insect killers are made with stainless steel, welded, and treated for use in food preparation areas, restaurants, cafés. These insect killers help rid outdoor living areas of flying insect pests. Insects die without harming the environment.

Albirco is a Mo-el insect killer supplier in UAE, with multiple professionals in the hygiene sector. In addition to our experience and our wide range of products is our constantly growing product assortment.

MOEL’s MO-STICK 327 is a trap that enables monitoring of captured bugs and can also be used in environments that have slightly inflammable atmospheres. This is extremely simple to clean by applying a stream of water and replacing the adhesive papers.

The 2 powerful 40W UV-A lamps mounted on the watertight lamp holder are supplied with a shatterproof sheath for protection of the tube: should the glass break, it does not get scattered, and the phosphides in the lamp do not escape. The sheath is transparent to UV-A rays. These should be installed away from the chief light sources, which could disturb the flight of the insect.

MOEL’s Mo Stick Insect Killer 397 has an IP protection rate of 65, and weighs around 7 to 8 kgs. This device needs a power supply of 220/240V, made in stainless steel and washable with water and detergent. It should not be installed neatly in production areas; the aim is to attract the insect away from these areas. The ideal place is among passageways and production areas to attract insects before they arrive at critical production points.

MOEl’s Mo Stick Insect Killer 399R PVC Body. This advanced-looking device uses sticky boards to trap insects such as flies and mosquitoes. This trap is best used near areas where the flies tend to gather, such as near food, plants, and garbage bins. This trap uses UV rays and sticky boards to trap insects making it a protected alternative for use inside and around people and pets.

As a prominent wholesaler trader for over 3 decades delivering high-performance insect killers, we also supply a range of Insect killers from MOEL. Albirco has been one of the best building material suppliers in UAE for over 30 decades and is forever looking for new developments, improving conceivable outcomes and cleanliness items inside the hygiene sector.

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