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Industrial fan suppliers in UAE

Pedestal fans are an instant cooling solution for the scorching summer; it blows water intermittently into the air. The water that is blown into the air keeps the air cool when the water is evaporated. An Industrial Air cooler is an innovation that reduces the energy required by many cooling fans. Industrial pedestal fan UAE is a lifesaver when the weather is sweltering outside. These fans use evaporating water’s cooling power to bring relief in hot temperatures and are also beneficial for the environment. When temperatures soar, people are more at risk of falling ill from dehydration and heatstroke.

We at Albirco are Industrial Fan suppliers in UAE that offer Pedestal Stand Fans with remotes that enable flash evaporation indoors and outdoors. These have proved invaluable at Industrial locations to help keep crowds cool, making visits to large events in the outdoor heat more comfortable and enjoyable. Pedestal fans can also keep people cool during indoor sporting events and barbecues.

How does an industrial air cooler work?

A mist fan Dubai works in the same way as a portable misting system, it cools the air through evaporation. As the fine mist shoots out from the industrial air cooler, some of it disappears. The disappearing mist has evaporated. Because this transformation requires heat, the molecules draw the heat they need from the surrounding air, leaving the air cooler.
The water vapor is directed in front of the fan, which blows it out as a fine mist. While the water vapor is still in the air, it evaporates, and the energy exchange cools the surrounding area. As industrial pedestal fan suppliers in UAE, our team helps you source the right mist fans for your commercial establishment.

Are 3 or 5-blade pedestal fans better?

The 3-bladed Ceiling fan Supplier in UAE is more appealing in design and aesthetics than the 5-bladed ceiling fan. However, because the distance between the blades is closer, the wind produced by the 5 blades is more consistent.

Are mist fans better than normal fans?

REEF is one of the leading industrial fan suppliers in UAE. Misting fans are not only effective at lowering the temperature in large spaces, but they can also cause a significant temperature change while using very little energy. The answer to the question “Which is better, an air cooler or a mist fan?” depends entirely on your needs and budget. If you absolutely cannot have any water particles hitting elements in the intended space for your cooling fan, swamp cooler fans or evaporative cooling fans are better suited. On the other hand, misting fans may be effective if you have overly sensitive items that can withstand the occasional water particle or two. By working with leading mist stand fan manufacturers like REEF, Albirco ensures trust and quality in every mist fan sold.

Can an industrial fan be used at home?

As fan suppliers in UAE, we know how crucial mist fans are because for air circulation.If you like the rugged, functional look of industrial home décor, you’re probably a fan of the industrial air cooler. This popular design style is distinguished by raw materials, exposed hardware, and explicit functionality, drawing inspiration from old warehouses and factories’ equipment, lighting, and other elements.
Even though industrial-style fans appear to belong in industrial spaces, they are designed for residential use and are thus efficient, stylish, and reasonably priced. Most residential buyers prefer industrial fans that look industrial but perform like standard ones, saving money on operation and maintenance costs.

UAE has a desert climate which is characterized by pleasantly mild winters and hot, sunny summers. The hot desert climate requires mist fans that reduce the humidity in the air. Albirco is one of the best industrial fan supplier in UAE that offers a wide range of high-quality REEF fans. Our Reef pedestal fan with remote and cooler works on the mist cooling technology that removes heat from the air with the water drops. They will keep the room cool for 5-6 hours with just 4 liters of water. These Pedestal fans have an adjustable height and weigh 24kgs. It comes with 26” – inch blades, Full Copper Winding Motor. Albirco is the top Stand Fan suppliers in UAE that offers low-maintenance portable misting fans that are great for moving around on your deck or patio, helping you enjoy the cooling effects of a misting fan all summer long.

We are committed to quality in all that we do. By being the best Fan Suppliers in Dubai for 30 years, we have raised the bar; offer quality electrical appliances, home improvement products, cooling, and lighting solutions. Our team at Albirco is committed to building excellent, trusting relationships with clients who know they can rely on us for the correct service and advice.