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Industrial fan suppliers in UAE

Pedestal fans are an instant cooling solution for the scorching summer; it blows water intermittently into the air. The water that is blown into the air keeps the air cool when the water is evaporated. These Electrical fans are an innovation in the reduced energy cooling fan out of the many fans available. Industrial Pedestal fans are a lifesaver when the weather is sweltering outside. These fans use evaporating water’s cooling power to bring relief in hot temperatures and are also beneficial for the environment. When temperatures soar, people are more at risk of falling ill from dehydration and heatstroke. These have proved invaluable at Industrial locations to help keep crowds cool, making visits to large events in the outdoor heat more comfortable and enjoyable. Pedestal fans can also keep people cool during indoor sporting events and barbecues.

UAE has a desert climate which is characterised by pleasantly mild winters and hot, sunny summers. The hot desert climate requires mist fans that reduce the humidity in the air.  At Albirco, we’re Industrial Fan suppliers in UAE that offer Pedestal Stand Fans with remotes that enable flash evaporation indoors and outdoors. Our Reef pedestal fan with remote and cooler works on the mist cooling technology that removes heat from the air with the water drops. They will keep the room cool for 5-6 hours with just 4 liters of water. These Pedestal fans have an adjustable height and weigh 24kgs. It comes with 26” – inch blades, Full Copper Winding Motor. Albirco is the top Stand Fan suppliers in UAE that offers low-maintenance portable misting fans that are great for moving around on your deck or patio, helping you enjoy the cooling effects of a misting fan all summer long.

We are committed to quality in all that we do. By being the best Fan Suppliers in Dubai for 30 years, we have raised the bar; offer quality electrical appliances, home improvement products, cooling, and lighting solutions. Our team at Albirco is committed to building excellent, trusting relationships with clients who know they can rely on us for the correct service and advice.