Albirco was formed with the goal of supplying top-tier products to customers all around the world at wholesale pricing. The people we serve are at the center of everything we do. Our experts in Pakistan have a lot of home renovation expertise and training, so they can give you the expert guidance you need. Albirco and Moel have maintained a steady growth rate and have joined the high-end international insect killer machine industry with excellent standards. Albirco offers a variety of network services and products all over the world.

MO-EL Insect Killer Suppliers In Pakistan

Moel is one of the leading insect killer brands in the market that is environmentally friendly and helps to combat the nuisance of insects. Moel provides a large variety of electric insect killer machines to meet the diverse needs of their valued customers. Their  skilled workers meticulously manufacture the extensive line in accordance with international quality and design standards, using only the highest grade raw materials. Furthermore, the machines can be used for a wide range of settings, including offices, shopping malls, homes, and other similar establishments. They provide the entire range in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to meet our clients’ needs at reasonable prices.

About Our Products - Moel

Moel electric insect killer machine attracts mosquitoes and flies to a decoy-based device. The electronic insect killer lamp features high voltage wires near the tube light that kill insects quickly with an electric shock. The fast-acting insect killer starts to work in minutes and kills the insect by contact. Moel electric insect killer is the simplest way to safeguard spaces from insects, mosquitoes, and flies.

Moel electric mosquito killers come in a number of sizes that are suited for any location such as food processing areas, and you may safeguard eating spaces or lawns and gardens. The usage of light attractants and glue boards is used to control mosquitoes. Without the clutter of electrocution units, this encapsulation method ensures effective mosquito control. Moel mosquito killer is an ideal mosquito control device for general use, with full-sized glue boards for optimum mosquito control and patented sleeves for maximum catch and greater attraction.

The all-metal construction conceals caught mosquitoes and keeps the area clean. The insect killers are suitable for commercial use and offer effective fly control as well as ease of maintenance.

For more than 30 years, Albirco has been dedicated to providing solutions to insect problems. Moel has the industry’s most comprehensive array of insect-killer solutions. So, whether you are aiming to prevent or combat an insect infestation, there’s a product for you at Albirco.


No matter what home improvement or industrial products you are looking for, you’ll find everything at Albirco. Check out the products on our website today!

We have collaborated with Moel to provide the best quality products that stand the test of time. Over time we have grown and evolved as a brand that offers exceptional and practical products.

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