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Wash Basin Mixer

The bathroom is one of the private places we retreat to self-care and tend to our personal needs. And it is essential to be installing tools and accessories that are easy to use and simple to install. A kitchen sink mixer tap draws from both the hot and cold water supplies, combining the flow together, before spilling out of a single spout. The more conventional method is drawing water through separate hot and cold taps, keeping the flow separate.

What is a basin mixer?

A wash basin mixer is a tap that combines your hot and cold water feeds into a single spout that can be controlled by a single lever or twin handles to achieve the desired water flow at a specific temperature. Basin mixers are simple to use because they combine the hot and cold water suppliers inside the cartridge within the tap body, giving you the temperature you want every time.

How tall should a basin mixer be? 

The wash basin mixer should be installed at a height of 85-90cm from the floor, according to the recommendations of the wash basin mixer supplier in UAE. When determining the size of a washbasin, the thickness of the sink must also be considered so that it is not too high. In other words, the total height of the countertop plus the height of the washbasin on the countertop should be 85-90cm.

Which taps are best for hard water? 

Although hard water is safe to drink, it can be difficult on plumbing and water equipment. If the water contains enough mineral material, the mechanisms will eventually break down and become clogged. Taps of stainless steel or brass are ideal for areas with hard water. They are long-lasting and resistant to the effects of hard water. The finish is the second factor to consider. Because it is less likely to show water spots, a brushed finish is a good choice for hard water areas.

How do I choose a basin tap?

There are still some things to think about before purchasing new basin taps. Make sure to buy from trusted wash basin mixer suppliers in UAE and ensure that your basin has the appropriate design and is compatible with your central heating system.

  1. Design and finish
  2. Water force
  3. Type of waste fitting
  4. Tap hole type

Mega essentially offers its mixers in brass body and brass type. We are leading Sanitary ware suppliers in UAE that provide you with a wide variety of MEGA products. The Mega Efes Mix Swan Rotating Sink Faucet MG-ASL101 is a single screw installation and has a spout length of 140mm.

The Mega-Asos Mix Bathroom Mixer MG-OMG100 series has a 40mm ceramic cartridge and a 50cm 1st quality flex connection. The fittings additionally have a spout length of 130mm and pipe end water flow height of 100mm.

Mega- Asos Mix Wash Basin Mixer MG-OMG100 has a smooth running artistic 40mm ceramic cartridge, you can operate the mixer gently. All Mega washbasin mixers are characterized by normal jets.

MEGA Truva Mix Bathroom Faucet MG-Z01 series are made in Turkey and have a single body and brass casting. The 40mm ceramic cartridge provides the right amount of water flow. Mega Efes Mix Kitchen Faucet MG-ASL104 has a brass body and a brass tube end depth of 178mm and a spout length of 248mm.

Albirco believes that your wellness and sustainability begin in the bathroom. We’ve been one of the leading Wash basin mixers and building material suppliers in Dubai for over 30 years and are designed to enhance the routine bathroom experience which will ultimately enrich daily life. Our aim being a Wash basin mixer Supplier is to improve gracious living by providing exceptional products for homes and businesses. We strive to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations together