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Discover Power-Saving Lights With Trusted Lighting Suppliers in the UAE

Good lighting has become integral to our lives, but people have become more environmentally conscious. This has inspired LED light manufacturers in the UAE to produce energy-efficient and sustainable LED electric lights.

Gloware provides the best LED lights in Dubai that are durable, sustainable, and consume less energy than conventional lights and popular LED light brands. Owing to its benefits, Gloware has been UAE’s premium LED lights brand, offering different lights for various settings.

Albirco has been among the well-known LED lighting suppliers in UAE for over 3+ decades. As LED light suppliers in the UAE, we provide high-quality LED lights suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Benefits of Installing Gloware LED Lights From The Best LED Lighting Companies In UAE

Gloware is amongst the well-known lighting companies in Dubai that manufacture outdoor and indoor lights with the best technology and materials. Here are all the benefits of using Gloware lights:

– Long lifespan:

Gloware LED lighting in Dubai has a longer lifespan than traditional lights. LED lighting suppliers in UAE suggest that Gloware lights last 40 times longer than the normal lights on the market. This means you will be saved from frequent replacements.

– Energy Efficient:

Lighting supplies in the UAE recommend installing LED lights, which use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. With high energy efficiency, you will have reduced energy costs and save money on energy bills in the long run.

– Design Flexibility:

As LED lights can be combined in different shapes and sizes, Gloware has a wide range of LED lights. LED light companies in UAE provide Gloware lights in various colors, light control features, and sizes to complete different decor settings and outdoor environments.

– Health Benefits:

LED lights are known for providing health benefits like reducing stress and anxiety with different brightness levels and colors. For this reason, Gloware LED lighting suppliers in UAE suggest installing them in healthcare settings, offices, and spans to offer a calm and soothing environment.

Different Types Of Gloware LED Lights At Albirco – LED Light Suppliers In The UAE

Discover the different types of glow LED lights suitable for various settings available from Albirco – one of the best LED light companies in the UAE:

Gloware LED spotlights:

Gloware spotlights or spot lamps are available in the size 53X50mm. These have high-quality LED chips that guarantee high-lumen efficiency. The thermal plastic heat sink ensures heat dispassion for a long lifespan.

Gloware LED strip lights:

Strip lights from Gloware are available in different colors and lengths from lighting suppliers in the UAE. These strip lights can be used as backlighting, display, or task lighting in residential or commercial spaces.

Gloware LED ceiling lights:

Gloware LED lighting suppliers in UAE offer ceiling lights with microwave sensors and photocell functions for increased functionality and energy efficiency of the lighting system. These ceiling lights are available in cool white, daylight, and warm light colors in 18W and 24W.

Gloware LED wall lights:

Gloware LED lights supplied by LED light suppliers in UAE are suitable for outdoor use. These wall lights are water resistant and have high-quality COB chips for high lumen efficiency.

Gloware LED flood lights:

LED light suppliers in UAE offer these flood lights with full die-casting aluminum housing with good heat dissipation. They have a wide beam angle and illumination effect with high-quality PC reflectors.

Gloware LED COB downlights:

As we are Outdoor lighting suppliers in Dubai, we suggest that Gloware LED downlights are durable as they are equipped with high-quality color coating. These downlights use a high CRI COB LED chip, high lumen, and high-quality isolated contrast current drive.

Gloware LED tube lights:

As a well-known Gloware LED lighting suppliers in UAE, we offer LED T8 glass 4” feet tube DL in cool white, daylight, and warm white tones. These tubes are environment-friendly as they do not have any mercury or lead content.

Why Choose Albirco As Your LED Lighting Supplier in UAE

Being a leading Gloware LED light suppliers in UAE, we spend substantially on research and the sourcing of energy-efficient LED lights that use less electricity and save you money on utility bills. We have been supplying Gloware LED lights for over 3+ decades, making us a trusted supplier in the UAE.

We ensure proper customer service and warranty coverage to make Gloware LED light a worthwhile investment. As a reputable building material suppliers, we only offer high-quality LED light from Gloware that provides superior illumination and lasts longer. Our sales team will assist you throughout the purchase.

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