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Moel CRI CRI insect killer 

Insect Killer Machines, UV Lights draw creepy crawlies into a high voltage double electrical grid where the mosquitoes, and flies are electrocuted. The light and the wires are housed in a defensive plastic or item body part metal enclosure. When the flying bugs see the UV light from the insect killer bulb, it enters the space in the middle of the double mesh grids. The bugs complete the electric circuit, and the voltage crosses the space between the circuits, immediately killing the bugs.

Many wonder what the purpose of the Moel Cri Cri insect killer traps is. Particularly in summer, flying bugs like flies or mosquitoes can turn out to be real pests in our own four walls. Regardless of whether during the day or around evening time, the bugs become a big burden for many people. That’s why we at Albirco are leading Cri Cri insect killer suppliers that offer some of the best insect killers in the UAE.

Where is the best place to put an electronic insect killer? 

It is essential to place the unit correctly for it to function properly. To get the most out of your Moel Cri Cri insect killer and protect your food, keep the following in mind:

A moel Cri Cri insect killer should be placed between the food and the most likely point of entry or source of insects. A good location is often just inside and above the main door, as this will catch insects as soon as they enter the food room.

A Moel Cri Cri insect killer should not be used near or above food preparation areas. This will keep insect parts from contaminating food and work surfaces.

What is the best fly killer on the market? 

MOEL insect killers naturally and safely catch flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and other minor bugs in your home or business. The Moel moel CRI CRI insect killer 309, Moel 398, and Moel CRI CRI 307e are some of the best insect killers for you to choose from. These are simple to use and look great wherever you put them. MOEL is a fan-suctioned indoor insect trap with an attractive UV light, a sticky pad, and a fashionable design that provides a safe and sanitary solution to flying pests.

Do electric fly killers work?

MOEL insect killers use various attack methods to attract flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and other flying insects. To begin, the UV light in the trap attracts the insect. MOEL insect killers should be carefully placed where flying insects will be attracted to them and will not be able to miss them.

The Moel CRI line is portrayed by the nature of the materials and the protection from oxidation. The grid cleaning framework ensures its viability over the long run. Moel Insect killer offered by Albirco, the best Moel Insect Killer Supplier in Dubai is manufactured in ISO certification standard which ensures total security and quality. The plastic parts are in ABS improved with glass fiber and with shades that ensure protection from sun exposure and thermal excursion. Moel is an Italian maker of insect killers specializing in Industrial variants of bug killers.

Albirco is one of the top building material suppliers in UAE that offers Cri Cri insect killer suppliers, established in 1990 to provide high-quality products and trading services in UAE as well as for other countries across the globe. We at Albirco strive for excellence in every process, we are engaged by our clientele with unbeatable pricing and quality.

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