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Moel CRI CRI Insect Killer 300 1X6W

Dimensions in mm: 132*165*330
Weight: 1,1 kg
Power: 11
Power of supply: 220-240 V/ 50-60 Hz
Insulating Class: II
Cable: H05RN-F
Plug: Italy bipolar
Master Box: 6 PCS
Metal Code: MOE300N
Lamps features: UV-A Actinic
Lamp life: 2000H
Luminous Spectrum: 365 nm
Lamps Power: 6 W
Structure: PC/ABS

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STRUCTURE Light and compact, the model is in self-extinguishing and anti-UV plastic technopolymer. It is quick and easy to clean thanks to the special fully removable drawer. Lamp and electrified grid are equipped with the exclusive MO-EL patent cleaning system (which allows an accurate cleaning without disassembling operations or using brushes).
LAMPS The UV-A lamp is of high quality, has a power of 6 W and a range of about 3-5 meters.
SAFETY Approved by IMQ, the model complies with CE regulations, class II. The grids maintain their efficiency over time because the high voltage discharge and electrified electrified slats ensure that they do not become dirty. Built in self-extinguishing plastic.
Coming with cleaning system for grilles and lamps to maintain efficiency over time. Compact and easy to clean.
Suitable For:
PEST CONTROL in small environments.
Range of Action:
Effective within an irradiation of 3-5 linear meters.CRI
Made in ITALY

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