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Washroom and Kitchen accessories 

While building a new or rebuilding your bathroom/ kitchen spaces getting the right accessories can be a challenging task. Before choosing your Sanitary ware and kitchen accessories, you should make a list of your requirements and budget to have a comfortable experience. That’s why Albirco is a leading sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai that offers you the best of products. 

A common replacement in the bathroom is the toilet seat, it goes a fair bit of wear and tears over the usage. Toilet seats are mainly made using thermoplastic or thermoset, both hard-wearing, durable materials that are resistant to stains and scratches. Most toilet seats come with soft close hinges which help prevent wear and tear and keep little fingers from getting trapped. Plus, you can also buy seats which detach easily, for simple cleaning.

The general style of your bathroom will eventually direct what sort of washroom and kitchen accessories you pick. A contemporary design will require more modern, minimalist designs, whereas a traditional décor could mean more intricately detailed accessories. One must ensure your accessories coordinate with bathroom accessory ranges.

One of the most used seats in your home is the toilet. Everyone wants their toilet to be clean and comfortable. It should suit the style of your bathroom and complement it even more. Being one of the best building material suppliers in UAE, Albirco offers you a wide range of toilets. You would surely find the one that perfectly fits your bathroom.

Every product that we supply is inspected before it reaches our dealers in different countries across the globe. Albirco is a bathroom accessories suppliers in UAE that was established in the year 1990 with a promise of offering innovative, quality products through the strong distribution process that we have across many countries. What makes Albirco relevant and trusted is its dynamic capability to always evolve and supply products that bring ease and comfort to our lives.