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Plumbing Materials

Plumbing equipment plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of many industrial and residential areas. Plumbing systems perform various important tasks like bringing in clean water and removing wastewater, heating and cooling systems, as well as gas lines. That’s why it’s necessary to purchase the right plumbing equipment to ensure the safety of your customers. Albirco is one of the best plumbing materials suppliers in UAE that delivers high-quality plumbing equipment at the best price.

Being building material suppliers and exporters in Dubai, we’ve worked with reputed clients across the Middle East, Western and Eastern Africa, and Central Asia. Albirco provides a wide range of Alfa Centrifugal Electric Pumps and peripheral pumps. Our water pumps can handle voltage fluctuations of 220–230 Volts with custom voltage and frequency options also available. Each pump comes with built-in thermal protection and a permanent capacitor, ensuring that every operation functions at maximum efficiency. As trusted water pump suppliers in Dubai, our pumps are durable and safe having a Sealed motor with external ventilation with finned aluminum alloy casing.

Albirco is an established supplier of Atlas PP-R pipes and fittings in Dubai suitable for residential and commercial projects of all sizes. Our pipes are manufactured as per the SANS specification created by means of extrusion (pipes) and molding (fittings) combined by using a fusion welding process. The PN10 pipes are available for cold water and PN16 for hot and cold water supply. Atlas PP-R pipes are lightweight, corrosion-free, have high heat retention, and are energy efficient making them suitable for projects in multiple climatic regions. As plumbing material suppliers in UAE, our PP-R pipes are suitable for Hospitals, Schools, High rise installations, Boilers and accumulator connections, Air conditioning systems, etc.

Why Choose Albirco?

With over 3 decades of experience, Albirco works with multiple leading brands in the Middle East for providing you with the best Plumbing equipment in UAE. We’re leading water pump suppliers in Dubai that offer a wide range of plumbing products like pressure valves, PP-R pipes and fittings, and centrifugal water pumps. Albirco has partnered with multiple clients supplying plumbing materials in UAE for multiple industrial and residential projects.

Being one of the leading Plumbing materials suppliers in UAE, Albirco provides you with safe and trusted plumbing equipment. With over 32 years of experience in the distribution and export of building materials, you’re guaranteed to receive the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our skilled sales team helps you select the right type of plumbing materials as per your requirement providing value to all our clients.