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Lamps and Tubes 

LEDs have swept away the conventional lighting market for varied reasons, most notably their extended lifespans, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements. LED tube lights to use around 50% less electricity than conventional glowing, fluorescent and halogen choices, bringing about generous energy, particularly for Indoor light spaces that are on for extended periods.

Without filaments or glass enclosures, LED tube lights with 4 feet are breakage safe and to a great extent largely immune to vibrations and another impact. Conventional lighting is typically contained in glass or quartz, which are susceptible to damage.

Gloware LED T5 Batten is available in warm white, daylight and cool white range. With a 15,000 and 50/60 HZ, it is quite an impressive light. It has a Lumen power 720 that needs 185-265volt. Gloware LED T8 Glass 4″Feet Tube D/L is 600X 30mm and has a Lumen output of 900 with 15,000 hours of life and 50/60 Hz frequency. LED lighting is environmentally friendly since they do not have any mercury or lead content.

Gloware LED spot lamps are environmentally friendly, lumen output 450 because of high-quality LED chips. Its size is about 53X 50mm, bulb bases GU 5.3 and 10. Gloware LED candle bulb has 30,000 hours of life span, bulb base E14 and size of 100X 37mm. 0.5 power factor and colour rendering index 70.

Gloware’s products are in high demand amongst our customers owing to their better illumination, energy efficiency, compact design, ease of installation, longer functional life, less maintenance and weather compatibility.

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