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Bathroom Accessories Supplier in Dubai

The bathroom is an essential part of any home, nowadays bathrooms are also given priority in terms of design. The bathroom design depends entirely on bathroom accessories that people prefer. Bathroom accessories are ignored in the initial phase of bathroom planning. We being a Sanitary ware supplier in Dubai offer total bathroom solutions that give the bathroom a character of its own. We have a diverse range of products that include flush tanks, toilet seats, and flush tank fittings. At Albirco, we believe in setting new trends and improving lives by supplying more than just products. With advancements in technology, quality control and customer satisfaction, we anticipate winning the trust of our buyers, who become our brand ambassadors for life by giving you the most notch Bathroom Accessories in Dubai.

Our toilet seat covers are designed using the best quality materials and the latest industry technology that will simplify your life. These also have simplified installation, with adjustability that will be an ideal fit. The hinges used in the toilet seat are placed to have ease in cleaning to improve hygiene.  From simple mechanics to flamboyant state-of-the-art technology, bathrooms are currently viewed as a wellbeing zone that revives you each new shower in turn.  Each and every part of your Sanitary ware framework matters, including a frequently overlooked component- the flush system. Little do we realize that with a suitable toilet flush system, you can conserve water, reduce maintenance issues, and increase hygiene factors. Our mega Dual Function Flush Tank 3022 has a PS body, has intel max 9L, is made in Turkey, and has a 5-year warranty. 

As a bathroom accessory supplier in Dubai, we also offer flush tank fittings with adjustable height fittings. These fittings have a quiet and quick filling feature and have a 5 years warranty. We also offer other washroom and kitchen accessories like Mega Aqua Float 3009 and a soft-touch push-type monoblock internal kit with a silicone gasket. With efficient water-saving techniques and hygiene levels taken care of, our products tick all the right boxes in terms of efficient bathroom accessories. 

Albirco has been a leading building material suppliers in UAE and an exporter for over 30 years. All the products that we offer are checked on several parameters.  We provide a series of excellent bathroom accessories in UAE that are focused on both design and function.