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Water Pump Suppliers in UAE

Water as a resource is extremely important for survival, thanks to the water pumps it is eliminating the scarcity of water. Apart from being utilized in households for drinking and cooking, water has a host of industrial uses too. The majority of water consumption in cities and even in rural areas is dependent on groundwater. Water pump motor is in demand throughout the year. While selecting the water pump motor you should acknowledge the purpose, flow rate, inlet size and pressure.

Alfa Centrifugal Electric Pumps is available at Albirco as the best water pump suppliers in UAE, with one Impeller model number R100M is known for its reliable design and innovative design. A high-efficiency motor with a class F insulator produces 0.5 to 1 horsepower. Voltage fluctuations in the range of 220-230 volts are no problem for these pumps. Thermal protection and a permanent capacitor are built-in, allowing the motor to operate at maximum efficiency for the duration of its life.

The Alfa centrifugal irrigation electric pump from one of the best water pump suppliers in Dubai has a finned aluminium alloy casing and a 2.0 horsepower motor that is solely for irrigation. These pumps have a single-phase voltage of 220-230V/50Hz. Precision engineered and manufactured for trouble-free operation, long life, and irrigation of fields and lawns.

Mega water pump suppliers in Dubai offers Alfa Peripheral Electric Pumps PMF 050, has a voltage range of 220-230V and a protection glass of IP 44. These water pumps are based on high technology parameters that scale up the quality. The durability of the motor is extended with high quality and rust-free construction. It is easy to install and operate as it runs on wide voltage levels.

Albirco is a leading water pump suppliers in Dubai that has been in the business of exporting water pumps for over 30 years now, every product that we sell is rigorously checked for quality and performance to ensure long service life and optimal performance. We have built up an excellent rapport with customers with our range of value-added products. Albirco is facilitated by nationwide and worldwide sales and distribution.