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Surface Mounted light 

A surface-mounted light sits on top of a surface like the flat part of the roof and protrudes from the surface. Some surface mount lights in modern lighting can be joined to the roof by either a static installation or a chain. This sort of lighting comes in all shapes and sizes and is ideal for settings where there is little space between the structural roof and the dropdown roof. In these circumstances, recessed lighting is difficult or almost impossible to fix. These types of light mounts can likewise be introduced with little change to the surface it is mounted.

Albirco is one of the leading LED Light Suppliers in UAE where you’ll find a wide variety of LED ceiling lights. A surface mounted light is the sort of item that adjusts perfectly to any indoor lighting space, giving an exquisite touch to any place they’re introduced. Comprising a LED luminaire that is not difficult to introduce, they don’t need a roof opening as they highlight a trim that houses their driver inside.

LED Surface Strip lights offer many advantages over fluorescent lights. Wall Mounted lights wholesale suppliers suggest they consume less energy and have a more extended lifespan. This makes them cost-effective and brings down energy bills and maintenance costs, this likewise has better lighting quality. We are also a spot light bulbs suppliers that offer a wide variety of spotlights along with surface lights. Hence as we ought to help both you and the world save electricity and march towards a greener world.

What is a surface mounted light?

Fixtures that are surface mounted are those that stick out from the surface and are mounted on a flat surface. The simplest and least expensive way to mount the fixtures is via surface mounting. Surface mounted ceiling lights have a mechanism that eliminates screws, allowing them to be mounted directly on the ceiling.

Where can I use surface light?

Surface mounted lights are ideal for sterile, pharmaceutical, and healthcare facilities. They are adaptable enough to add a new perspective to any setting. For residential use, these can be placed inside wardrobes, under kitchen cabinets, and in living rooms.

How do you install surface mount downlights?

Using screws and a screwdriver, fasten the recessed light plate to the recessed electrical box. Fixture wires should be connected to corresponding power wires. Use pliers to join the wires, then cover with wire nuts. The surface-mounted downlight should be twisted and snapped into the recessed light plate. Depending on how many lights there are, repeat the steps as necessary.

Where can I use surface light?

A surface mounted light is ideal for a wide range of indoor applications because they provide uniform and bright illumination without humming or flickering. From our ceiling surface lights to our surface mount flat panel LED lights, we’re wall-mounted lights wholesale suppliers of all Gloware products that are energy efficient and simple to install.

How do you install a surface mount light?

To install surface mounted ceiling lights, locate the necessary breaker on the main electrical panel and turn it off. Remove current light fixtures by unscrewing the wires to connect with a screwdriver. Connect the fixture wires to the power wires. Reconnect the light’s electrical cables and power.

Gloware round surface mount led light has a 50/60 HZ frequency and an IP 20 in warm white color. These LED Lights are powder-coated extruded with aluminum alloy housing and with a compact design and excellent heat dissipation that reduces billing costs.

As one of the top Lighting Companies in Dubai, we offer Gloware Led surface lights (square) in size 225 X 225 X 30mm with a 20IP and 15,000 hours of lifespan. These are available in warm white color and have a lumen output of 1260.

For over 30 years Albirco has been a leading Building material supplier in UAE with a vision that we work for a better tomorrow that will be beneficial for business, people, and the planet. We believe every product that is ever made should last. Albirco does not believe in compromises and helps deliver the best products for your home.

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