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Toilet Seat Cover Supplier in Dubai


Bathroom visits should be made a feel-good experience.  Throughout our lives, we spend about a year using the toilet. The material used to make the toilet seat covers has an incredible effect on the experience of the customers just as cleanliness levels. Toilet hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom are of utmost importance. Innovative finishing processes ensure long-lasting, smooth and scratch-proof surfaces where dirt and limescale can barely attach. Thanks to a sophisticated surface finish of the modern Toilet seat covers supplied in Dubai.

The Mega Kelebek Akdeniz Toilet Seat Cover 3501is made of scratch-proof plastic and a duroplast material, which guarantees that its appearance stays unimpaired throughout a more drawn-out timeframe. It also has adjustable hinges making it easier to raise or lower the lid. These are made in Turkey and have a 5 years warranty. 

Mega Okyanus Toilet Seat Cover 3062 is made of PP material, durable and available in white colour. These are made in Turkey and have a 5-year warranty. Plastic material keeps the Toilet seat cover stain-resistant and hygienic; you can use aggressive cleaners and disinfectants to keep it clean and fresh all the time. It has a quiet closing feature which makes it avoid the annoying closing sound. These are designed to fit most standard-sized toilets. 

Albirco has been a toilet seat cover supplier for 3 decades, we work with the intent of supplying world-class products. Our business expanded throughout the 30 years, added new products and largely expanded our presence in many countries across many countries. We have an expansive display of bathroom and sanitary products that will make your bathroom a fresh, safe and luxurious haven.