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About Albirco

Our legacy dates back to the days when UAE was a progressing country back in the 90s. Bearing witness to the rapid transformation of the UAE over the years, we are proud to have contributed to the development of the country. As UAE transformed at an exponential rate, we have adapted and improvised along with the upcoming trends.
Founded in 1990 by Mr A. K. Maklai, we at AlbirCo have worked towards a vision of ultimate customer satisfaction by never compromising on our quality and aftersales support.
We have partnered with various construction companies and local markets for over 3 decades optimising our portfolio with offerings like building materials, plumbing essentials, sanitary ware along with electrical and lighting solutions suited for all lifestyle needs.
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About us

Corporate Value / Culture

Our fundamental beliefs are the core values that define us as a whole organization. Every member of Albirco follows a similar set of values throughout their work which helped us to become one of the successful companies in the industry.


One of the main values in our organisation is to establish trust in our customers. We have successfully managed to gather the most trusted relations with our customers by providing excellent products and exceptional services over the years.


Leaders have worked hard towards creating a robust and effective management process to successfully meet timelines. Our inspirational leaders have helped to develop our company as well as the core team to grow exponentially in the organisation.


Our team carefully evaluates upcoming projects to provide effective and accurate solutions. Our commitment to customers is one of the most important fundaments in Albirco. We have successfully fulfilled our commitments and gained the trust of our clients.


Our success is majorly based on the caliber of our products. With a vision to be a successful organisation, we have majorly focused on the premium quality of our products.

Albirco Team

Albirco has managed to gather a well-trained team with exceptional qualification. With such core values the team has managed to provide optimum services and products to our clients. Every member of the team works with cooperation and respect with other members. Our team is constantly using their expertise to satisfy every need of our partners and customers.
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Retail Division

With the help of our partners and our team, we currently provide a wide range of products to showcase in our showroom. Check our products here and for further assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will guide through each and every step of your decision making.
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Export Division

Over the years, Albirco has managed to create solid relationships with international clients based in GCC (Gulf Corporation Council), Middle East and West and East countries in Africa and Central Asia. We export various products to our clients overseas and in the middle east to maintain a strong relationship.
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Wholesale & Distribution

Albirco is also involved in Business to Business (B2B) Wholesale throughout the country. Albirco has managed to serve numerous clients like Retailers, MEP contractors, Interior fit-out companies, Facility management companies, Maintenance Service Providers and General Contractors.
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Our Reach

We have successfully managed to enter globalisation and expand beyond UAE with constant growth and development.
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