Albirco is a privately owned business that is located in the UAE and offers services to many Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality products from best-in-class brands. We take pride in our work and strive to offer the best customer service to our customers across the globe. Our suppliers in Sudan have gained many loyal customers for the brands that we offer. Albirco is your complete resource for all the products for home improvement and commercial needs. We care about our clients and about establishing a sustainable future by providing them with great customer service across several channels. We are thrilled about the future of the lighting business at Albirco, and we aim to deliver the most innovative and cost-effective energy-efficient lighting solutions to our customers.

Orient Fans Supplier in Sudan

Orient Electric operates under the philosophy of carving out a niche in the global fan industry and evolving into a premier provider of lifestyle home solutions. Orient Electric is amongst the leading electric fan suppliers in UAE and has earned the trust of millions of customers by providing cutting-edge lifestyle electrical products across 35 countries. Orient Electric is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fans, accounting for more than 60% of total exports worldwide. At Orient Electronics, they  put all of their  efforts into providing you with the best in technology and design. They present a collection of premium designer fans that have been designed with the needs of the people.

About Our Products - Orient

Orient is a ceiling fan supplier in UAE that offers domestic pedestal fans, tower fans, commercial fans, and misting fans are all available. Whether you want a traditional design or something a little more modern, we have a great selection of sizes, colors, styles, and brands to choose from. Pedestal fans are ideal for use in the home, office, and commercial/industrial settings such as warehouses and gymnasiums. They are easy to move and provide excellent airflow. Orient’s misting fans are frequently used in outdoor patio areas, bars, and other areas of outdoor entertainment. Typically, they are pedestal fans that spray a fine mist.

Orient’s outdoor ceiling fans are an excellent way to keep you and your family cool during the hot summer months, as well as to keep bugs at bay! When shopping for an outdoor fan, consider the environment in which it will be installed: undercover, exposed to rain, exposed to salt spray, coastal area, and so on. Before purchasing a fan, it is critical to understand your requirements because environmental factors will affect the longevity and performance of your fan. The Orient fans have been given a sleek design that would look great in any environment. To enhance airflow, the blades have been extensively smoothed and given gentle curves. They are also suitable for large and medium spaces. The blades are also firmly attached to a metal base for a solid and overall simple appearance.

Orient is an industrial fans supplier in UAE and has a large selection of modern ceiling fans to suit any lifestyle. Orient’s contemporarily designed fans are available in a variety of styles and provide excellent functionality. These are by far the most popular ceiling fans, with the most options available. Whether you have a modern home, are renovating, or have a modern office or workspace, these fans are a great way to keep the interior design flowing throughout.


For almost 30 years, Albirco is a building material suppliers which has been supplying Orient ceiling fans. Our connections with Sudanese dealers and suppliers enable us to deliver high-quality fans and other home improvement and commercial items.

We have collaborated with Orient to provide the best quality products that stand the test of time. Over time, we have evolved as a brand offering exceptional and practical products.

No matter what home improvement or industrial products you are looking for, you’ll find everything at Albirco. Check out the products on our website and Contact us for further details!


Not only does Gloware cost less than other systems and use less energy, but it also has quality and dependability. To save on energy costs as well as add value, comfort and convenience install Gloware lights. Gloware is the ultimate example of contemporary lighting design. It has a large selection of high-quality lighting products. From bold urban designs to dramatic sculptural forms and cutting-edge contemporary to the timeless elegance of classic designs, there is something for everyone. Gloware offers one-of-a-kind and exciting products of style and sophistication. Each design in the Gloware collection is a one-of-a-kind work of illuminated art. Gloware represents excellence, value, and quality in designer lighting with its creative edge, great design, and outstanding customer service. Gloware is synonymous with a unique style and superior quality due to an unwavering commitment to the product’s creativity and integrity.

About Our Products – Gloware

Gloware downlights have the ability to illuminate living areas whilst remaining unobtrusive if a lighting feature is also used. They can be used in any room of the house and, due to the variety of features available, can be the ideal lighting solution.

Gloware LED floodlights are powerful, long-lasting, and versatile units designed for outdoor lighting, often for security purposes in commercial and residential settings. Gloware LED floodlights are highly durable and waterproof and are built to perform well in a variety of environments. Built-in respirators prevent fogging and condensation, which would reduce the brightness of the light. The broad beam illuminates a larger area, resulting in excellent visibility from a single lamp.

Gloware’s LED panel lights are flat and slim, making them the ideal replacement for traditional ceiling lighting – they typically have 96W and a lifespan of 15000 hours. These rectangular lights, which are sleekly designed and light in weight, can help to create a modern look in homes and office buildings while also saving a significant amount of energy.

With a lumen output of 7680 and a 50/60Hz frequency, the energy savings over the course of their lives are significant. Owners have much lower maintenance requirements than with traditional ceiling lights; lightweight and easily installed, users can install LED panel lights and never have to worry about them again.


Albirco has been supplying products from Gloware for 30 years now. These products are supplied to many Asian, Middle Eastern countries and African countries like Sudan. Our expert sales specialists have deep knowledge about products from Gloware and the lighting industry.

We have collaborated with Gloware to provide the best quality products that stand the test of time. Over time, we have evolved as a brand offering exceptional and practical products. At Albirco, we have a team of professionals that are both experienced and competent. We aspire to deliver the finest technical advice and assistance to all of our clients with the help of our world-class suppliers.

No matter what home improvement or industrial products you are looking for, you’ll find everything at Albirco. Check out the products on our website and Contact us for further details!