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Electric Fans

A fan is an appliance that delivers cool air at low temperatures; there have been various types of fans with multiple applications in the past. The fan used in the modern age is an electric fan that comprises a motor connected to blades. The motor blades move to create a flow of air that causes the air to cool. Fans are a common fixture in warm places to get rid of the discomfort of heat and sweat. No one likes sticky sweat and it gets hard to be productive in a warm or stuffy room. Air conditioners are not for everyone- they can be expensive to run and sometimes noisy. 

Electric fans are cost-effective, easy to set up and at times convenient to move from room to room.  They come in a variety of styles to suit your needs and space. These fans exhaust heat, smoke, odour and noxious vapours from the enclosed area. If less noise and comfort is your need then an electric fan is your answer.

Electric fans at Albrico are a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. Our electric fans come in various stylish designs, colours and innovative technology as we offer multiple range of Electric fans like: Ceiling Fans, Air Cooler, Mist fans, Pedestal fans and Stand fans. Our inventory features the best brands from the market such as Reef and Usha. Supplying electric fans and being in the business for over three decades has allowed us to capture the essence of the customer’s needs. The entire range of electric fans in Dubai is built with the best materials to give optimum results and last a lifetime. We bring a collection of classic and efficient electric fans that you can install in your homes and workspaces.  

Albirco has built connections and consumers in global markets as well. We are wholesalers for innumerable products for home improvement, industrial products or home goods. We have 30 years of experience  with supplying electric fans and selling them to buyers that are across the globe. What truly sets us apart from other electric fan businesses is that we supply the right information and have a staff whose main goal is to provide you with unparalleled customer service.