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Explore Precision and Versatility With The Best IGCO Reciprocating Saw

Discover the power and effectiveness of INGCO Reciprocating Saws, intended to perform various cutting tasks easily and precisely. Our reciprocating saws from the best hand tool suppliers in UAE are suited for various applications, from wood to steel and aluminium cutting. Explore the features and advantages of INGCO reciprocating saws to find the best cutting solution for your tasks.

Optimise Your Cutting Efficiency With PowerFul Reciprocating Saw

The INGCO Reciprocating Saw (RS8008) is a cutting-edge performer that will meet all your requirements. This cordless reciprocating saw works at a voltage of 220-240V50/60Hz, ensuring a consistent power supply. It provides efficient cutting performance with a rated power of 750W. The no-load speed ranges from 900 to 3300rpm, allowing precision cutting with variable speed control.

The cutting depths of this reciprocating saw are impressive:

Wood: 115mm

Steel thickness: 8mm

12mma: aluminium

The SDS Blade Change Chuck enables quick and easy blade changes. The cordless reciprocating saw kit includes one metal saw blade and one wood saw blade, ensuring you have the correct equipment for the job. It has one set of spare carbon brushes to help extend the tool’s life. It is conveniently packaged in a colour box for safe storage and transport.

Discover precision-crafted blades that produce excellent results.

Read about the blades and battery details:

INGCO Sabre Saw Blade (SSB644D):

The INGCO Sabre Saw Blade (SSB644D) fits the RS8008 reciprocating saw. Its top is made of wood and is 150mmX19mmX1.25mm. Best reciprocating saws have a 6TPI – HCS – Milled blade for rapid and efficient wood cutting. The power reciprocating saws have a 1/2′′ shank and are ideal for wood, composite materials, and plastic (dia. 100mm).

INGCO Sabre Saw Blade (SSB922EF):

The INGCO Sabre Saw Blade (SSB922EF) can also be used with the RS8008 reciprocating saw. Its flexible shape allows it to cut through metal easily, measuring 150mmX19mmX0.9mm. The power reciprocating saw blade has an 18TPI – Bi-Metal – Milled and is versatile for metal cutting. It can cut nonferrous pipe (100mm), conduit, stainless steel, and sheet metals (1.5-4mm).

Discover The Features And Benefits Of Ingco Reciprocating Saw

Experience the exceptional benefits and features:

Efficient Performance:

The reciprocating saw tools’ strong motor and variable speed settings provide fast and precise cutting.

Easy Blade Change:

The SDS blade change chuck allows quick and easy blade replacements.

Robust Construction:

INGCO reciprocating saws are built to resist heavy use, with durable components and great craftsmanship.

Enhanced Control:

INGCO reciprocating saws’ ergonomic design provides easy handling and optimal control while in operation.


Rapid cutting speed of the reciprocating saw blades in UAE minimizes project completion time and boosts overall production.

Additional Blades:

The INGCO Sabre Saw Blades available in Dubai are specifically designed for the RS8008 reciprocating saw, delivering greater cutting performance in specified materials.

Common applications of the best reciprocating saw

Discover the typical applications:


Excellent for cutting plywood and other wood materials in carpentry and construction applications.

Metal Fabrication:

Cuts steel, aluminum, and other metals efficiently in fabrication and metalworking jobs.

Demolition Work:

The reciprocating saws are ideal for dismantling frameworks, removing old materials, and renovating homes.

Plastic and Composition Materials:

Accurately cuts plastic pipes, composite materials, and components.

Why Buy INGCO Reciprocating Saw Online From Albirco?

Here are all the reasons to buy reciprocating saws from the best building material suppliers in Dubai:

Trusted Brand:

Albirco sources genuine INGCO products, ensuring dependability and quality.

Trusted Supplier:

Albirco is a recognized tool suppliers in UAE that guarantees genuine reciprocating saws.

User-Friendly Interface:

Our website is designed to make browsing and shopping simple.

Elevate Your Project Efficiency With The Best Reciprocating Saw

Buy reciprocating saw from INGCO, sourced from Albirco. Maximize efficiency with powered battery and advanced motor reciprocating saws. Shop our premium products:

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What are the safety precautions taken for the reciprocating saws?

Proper eye and hand protection, a firm grip, preventing loose clothing, and unplugging when changing blades are also recommended.

Are there any maintenance tips for maintaining the reciprocating saw?

To guarantee longevity and performance and inspect the saw for any wear regularly.

How to store an INGCO reciprocating saw?

Keep away from children and unauthorized users in a dry, cool region, preferably in a protected case.

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