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INGCO is a brand offering a wide range of essential spirit levels for construction tasks. The INGCO spirit level tool features powerful magnets to ensure that structures are safe and stable.

INGCO spirit levels are made from high-quality materials constructed to handle challenging job sites. These spirit levels feature central vials of 0.5mm/mm and a thickness of 1.5mm.

As a leading hand tools suppliers in Dubai, we offer spirit levels with powerful magnets in 2 and 4 pcs with double flat surface designs. You get to choose from a wide range of spirit level tools suitable for different types that suit every job.

Elevate Your Craftsmanship With Albirco’s Range Of Ingco Spirit Level Tools.

Explore our range of precision-crafted INGCO Spirit Level Tools, designed to elevate your workmanship to new heights. INGCO Spirit level tools are reliable tools for alignment tasks and leveling.

Each INGCO spirit level tool is engineered to deliver precise readings, ensuring your projects are perfectly leveled every time. Crafted from high-quality materials, these tools are built to withstand the rigors of the job site, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Whether working on construction, carpentry, or home improvement projects, INGCO spirit level 2 mtr tools are versatile enough to meet your needs.

Explore INGCO Spirit Level Range Available At Albirco

INGCO Spirit Level with Powerful Magnets (HSL38040M)

The INGCO HSL38040M Spirit Level with Powerful Magnets is a versatile tool for interior decoration, engineering decoration, furniture survey, and more. With a length of 40cm, this level ruler features double-side milling for enhanced accuracy and durability. The 0.5mm/m accurate vials ensure precise leveling, while the 1.5mm thickness provides stability during use.

Key Features:

– Length: 40cm

– Double side milled

– 0.5mm/m accurate vials

– Thickness: 1.5mm

– 2 Pcs powerful magnets

– Double flat surface design

– Packed by the color sleeve

This spirit level is equipped with 2 powerful magnets, making it easy to attach to metal surfaces for hands-free operation. The double flat surface design allows for stable placement on various surfaces. Additionally, the level ruler has three bubbles, enabling you to measure three kinds of angles accurately. The ruler’s ends are protected by thickened, high-elastic plastic covers to prevent damage from drops.

INGCO Spirit Level with Powerful Magnets (HSL38080M)

The INGCO HSL38080M Spirit Level with Powerful Magnets is a professional-grade tool designed for precision leveling in various applications. With a length of 80cm, this spirit level is ideal for larger projects that require accurate measurements. The double-side milling ensures consistent accuracy, while the 0.5mm/m accurate vials provide precise leveling results.

Key Features:

– Length: 80cm

– Double side milled

– 0.5mm/m accurate vial

– Thickness: 1.5mm

– 4 Pcs powerful magnets

– Double flat surface design

– Packed by the color sleeve

INGCO spirit level tool features four powerful magnets, offering strong attachment to metal surfaces for stable and hands-free operation. The double flat surface design allows for easy placement on various surfaces, ensuring reliable readings. The level ruler is packed in a color sleeve for convenient storage and transportation.

Benefits Of Using A Spirit Level Tool From INGCO

Here are all the benefits of using a spirit-level tool in your next project:

Accuracy and precision:

The primary benefit of using a magnetic spirit level from INGCO is the accuracy it provides. The spirit level from tools suppliers in UAE ensures that your projects are sloped leveled correctly for better work quality.

Cost and time saving:

INGCO’s spirit level tools are accurate, so you save time redoing any task because of inaccuracy. Spirit levels help avoid mistakes and reworking on projects.


INGCO spirit levels are available in different thicknesses and lengths, making them adaptable for different applications. These spirit levels can be utilized for checking the levelness of appliances, surfaces, shelves, and plumpness of walls.

Ease of use:

Spirit levels from INGCO are easy to use and do not require any special training or skills. Position the spirit level on the object and adjust the height to determine the level.

Why Choose Albirco To Buy INGCO Spirit Level

Albrico is a leading supplier of INGCO spirit level. We offer spirit-level tools with user-friendly features to adapt to different construction projects. Albirco has been building material suppliers in the UAE for 3+ decades and has a reputation for providing durable and affordable spirit-level prices, making it accessible to many customers.

We only include products from reputable brands in our product line. Our expert team will guide you through the sales process and help you purchase the products according to your requirements.

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